Love Yourself, Love Your Wealth, Top-Ten Magic Manifesting Tips


TeresaMaronby Teresa Maron

Have you ever thought about what true abundance feels like? Most of us have felt that delicious feeling of complete comfort and joy, but what does it take to sustain that feeling? Is loving yourself the path to true abundance and wealth?

How many times have you put yourself last, doing the right thing for others first? Have you felt guilty for a simple pleasure? Is this habit the most self-defeating habit you possess? Actually, most people—men and women—are in complete denial about how many times they put themselves last until it’s pointed out. Let’s shift perception to this:

When you learn to treat yourself like the successful, abundant, beautiful, creative, rock star that you are, you create results that are powerful and abundant. What you think about, you bring about.

Love yourself, Love your wealth is not about getting rid of the struggle. It is about transforming perceptions of life themes like depression, financial challenge, illness, and career change, to peace, comfort, faith, and joy.

We’ve all felt self-defeat and wanted powerful tools to overcome it. Specific techniques that empower are not secrets, but it’s easy to overlook the subtleties and keep on doing the same old things, which create subconscious habits that keep you from experiencing the fresh, alive feeling of Joy.

Loving yourself isn’t complicated, but takes some attention, daily commitment, and maybe a new perspective. Replacing old habits and responses with giving and receiving joy is the goal.

Do you ever wonder why you don’t feel happy like you used to or why you can’t attract the life you really want?

Receiving joy comes from feeling needed, wanted, and appreciated

You’ve experienced frustration, anger, hurt, or disillusionment when your expectations have been unfulfilled. Self-sabotage starts when your desire to be wanted, needed, and appreciated isn’t fulfilled, so you lower your expectations. You create a habit of expecting less of yourself and others. It’s your new vibration, picked up by everyone you meet. Start with yourself to create new scenarios for reversing the self-sabotage and achieving feelings of joy, abundance, and wealth.

Giving joy comes from being present, accessible, and clear
Being present is a gift. Full attention to the business at hand is constantly bombarded by technology, the expectation that multi-tasking is desirable, and distractions everywhere. Be present and show you’re accessible and there for others to shift the Love Yourself into Love Your Wealth. Wealth is the sum of your relationships, both personal and professional. Being clear is the icing on the cake. Clear authentic communication is a gift that keeps on giving. People who are always in clear integrity have higher vibrational quality, self-worth, and value. They have a better manifestation instrument to work with.

Love Yourself and Love Your Wealth action plan to give and receive joy with these Top-Ten Magic Manifestation Tips

  • Journaling—Spend quality time each day with a quiet mind to appreciate what gives you the most satisfaction in your life now. Write down 20 things you appreciate each morning.
  • Appreciation—Who are the important people in your life? Thank them, tell them what you appreciate, and do something special for them.
  • Create Moments—Don’t save great things like dessert and yummy candles for a special day, and don’t wait for a holiday to give gifts. Today is the present and tomorrow is a dream.
  • Be Intentional—Create daily habits, actions, and relationships that attract the life you want. Become clear on those that attract the life you don’t want.
  • Gratitude—Every time someone shows appreciation for you, wrap it around yourself like a warm fuzzy bathrobe on a chilly morning. This is the chocolate deliciousness of life. It’s a really big deal. Show it.
  • Connection—Start to count your wealth in friendships and experiences. It changes the way you vibrate, and you become a magnet of manifestation.
  • Internet Love—Use social media to appreciate others’ posts about whatever is important to them. Support their communications and compliment them on their choices. This is a treasure trove of connection; use it.
  • Respect—Develop the skill of listening, a lost art. People who listen are in demand. Become a dedicated listener and your value will skyrocket.
  • Emotional Love—Satisfaction, contentment, security, safety, and belonging are all great feelings, but they aren’t joy. Develop the habit of going within several times a day to check in to your state of being. Ask: Can I feel any better than this? What would it take to go into a state of pure bliss? Visualize it, intend it, expect it, and move to trusting it.
  • Physical Love—Exercise, dress well, get check-ups, be on time, eat healthfully, drink water, and breathe.

Teresa Mason Maron used her background of winning United States championship ballroom titles to become an independent writer/producer for Kultur International Films over 20 years ago, establishing herself in the instructional field, and as a best-seller on Amazon.

Her videos have been featured on Dancing with the Stars and offered by retailers like Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, and Dance Vision. They are curriculum standards in colleges nationwide and in all United States public libraries.

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