Writing Courses from the Renegade Writer


Write for Magazines, taught by Linda Formichelli

START DATE: Monday, January 9, 2012 (sign up now—there are just ten spaces in the premium version of the course). DURATION: 8 weeks

COURSE DESCRIPTION: If you want to write for magazines but don’t know how to get started—or if you need some motivation to get you going—this course is for you. In eight weekly lessons, Linda will walk you through:

?Coming up with a salable idea ?Finding markets that would be interested in your idea

?Finding the right editors to send your idea to ?Interviewing people for the query letter (the proposal that sells the editor on your idea and yourself as a writer) ?Writing a winning query letter ?Getting your query out the door!

Become an Idea Machine: How To (Painlessly!) Build Up an Inventory of Story Ideas To Sell to Magazines, taught by Diana Burrell

START DATE: Monday, January 16, 2012         DURATION: 3 weeks

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Are you a beginning freelancer who can’t tell a good story idea from a ho-hum one? Perhaps you’re more established, but you dread pitching ideas—even when your editors ask for them. Or maybe you’ve been freelancing for so long that every idea you come up with feels tired and stale. Wherever you are in your career, this fun three-week class is for you. The first week, you’ll learn several skills that’ll ensure you’ll never lack for ideas. The following week you’ll begin to shape some of your ideas into stories that can sell. And then in the third week, you’ll learn how to target those ideas for appropriate markets. Once you’ve finished the workshop, you’ll never panic again when an editor asks, “Got any other great ideas for me?”

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