What’s your excuse for not writing today?


Are you unmotivated? Too tired from working your nine-to-five job? Is your computer on the fritz? Don’t know what to write about? Can’t get published because you’re too old? Too young? Maybe you’re thinking, “Why bother? Who wants to hear what I have to say?”

Authors Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell have heard nearly every excuse out there from their readers, students, and mentees as to why their article ideas aren’t being pitched to magazine editors or why their half-written novels languish on hard drives. And to be honest, Formichelli and Burrell have used some of these excuses to avoid taking action with their own writing careers. With over twenty years (each) in the publishing business, they’ve learned that excuses are nothing but roadblocks to success.

In Write It Anyway: Bust The Excuses and Become The Writer You Want To Be, Formichelli and Burrell bust every excuse they’ve heard from writers, as well as the excuses they’ve used themselves, by dispelling the fear behind the excuse and showing readers, with specific actionable tips from a variety of experts including authors, psychologists, and coaches, how they can move forward with their own writing goals instead of staying stuck in place.

Write It Anyway is a book for all writers, whether you write nonfiction, fiction, poetry, plays, or screenplays.

Available from Renegade Writer Press this fall in electronic and print formats.


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