The ultimate book proposal guide for nonfiction, fiction and children’s books.


83542c71-01be-4394-adea-6044386c1443from SPAWN member, Patricia Fry

As an author, you must consider yourself the CEO of your book, and the book proposals is your business plan. Most agents and publishers require a proposal before ever setting eyes on a manuscript, and it is a crucial element in getting published. Writing a proposal can also help an author to write the right book for the right audience, to more successfully pitch a book to the right agent or publisher, and to devise a marketing plan that will help him in the most difficult aspect of publishing–promoting the book to his readers. Propose Your Book, How to Craft Persuasive Proposals for Nonfiction, Fiction, and Children’s Books offers a clear understanding of the book proposal process in today’s fiercely competitive publishing climate. It includes:
The most up-to-date concepts in writing a book proposal

  • Insider tips from agents and publishers
  • Examples of actual proposals from publishers’ files and featuring
  • Separate chapters for authors of specific topics/genres.

There are other books on how to write a book proposal, but none as unique as this one as it includes separate chapters on how to write a proposal for your novel, children’s book, travel book, inspirational book, how-to, the memoir, young adult books and more. And it’s endorsed by the following publishing professionals: Carolyn Howard Johnson, W. Terry Whalin, and Brian Jud

Make this your only book on how to write a book proposal or add it to your collection of books on understanding and crafting a successful book proposal. Propose Your Book definitely offers a perspective and information not available elsewhere.


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