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SPAWNews, June, 2009

Sandra Murphy, Editor

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Table of Contents

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Editor's Note by Sandra Murphy

Change is a good thing they say, but of course, those saying it are not living it! Since January, I’ve changed cars, still can’t get used to the gear shift on the floor and turn the wipers on instead. Finding a purple car that looks blue under the lights in the parking lot is a challenge. The house is changing moment by moment with tile going up in the shower as I type. I learned how to pet sit for a lively pair of chinchillas, a change from dogs and cats. An even bigger change is hearing Dad tell about his vacation with his girlfriend, something I thought I’d never hear much less be able to say in return, “I hope you had a good time” and almost mean it.

Here at SPAWN, we are changing too. This is the second month for member interviews so be sure to read about the writing lives of Sandra Jones Cropsey and Sherrie Giddens. Check out the online writing classes being offered with a discount for SPAWN members. All renewals for SPAWN have been emailed for memberships expiring through July. Remember to update us if one of the changes you’re making is your email address. (I had twenty-five bounced emails this month.) A few members have not renewed, but most realize the benefits SPAWN offers and know that $45 for a year’s worth of information is a bargain, even when times are hard. If you find one new market, membership pays for itself. We’re being forced to look at how we live, how we spend and how we write. Magazine covers that used to blurb about luxury resorts now talk about hometown vacations. Exotic ingredients in recipes have given way to grow your own veggies. This kitchen for $30,000 is now how to reface cabinets. Scientists say every seven years we change every cell in our bodies and essentially become new people. So reinvent yourself!

Little changes come day by day. Big changes rock us like a sonic boom. Get out your ear plugs and let’s make this year a boom year in more ways than one.

Sandy, Editor, SPAWNews ,

Market Update by Patricia Fry

The June SPAWN Market Update is posted in the member area of the SPAWN website. What’s in it for you, this month?

  • A directory of 200 Literary Magazines seeking material.
  • Links to 6 large job sites for Freelance Writers, Artists and Photographers.
  • Paying markets and publishers for Science Fiction writers and authors.
  • Links to Book Promotion Tips and Articles.
  • Traditional publishers offering innovative agreements with authors. How about a 50-50 split instead of the usual 7 to 15 percent royalty?
  • A bartering site—yes, trade writing for plumbing, painting, legal advice, etc.
  • A grass roots concept for selling more books. How to get involved.
  • How to avoid being scammed by your publisher.
  • And MORE!

By not reading the SPAWN Market Update, you could be missing out on potential book sales, opportunities to sell your script, oodles of paying jobs (for writers, artists, photographers), calls for submissions, warnings and recommendations, freelance writing work and links to sites you may need, but never knew existed.

You’ve probably been receiving our free SPAWNews for several months now. And you’ve read, in each issue, about the offerings in the SPAWN Market Update (in the Member Only area of the SPAWN website). You’ve noticed information and resources listed in the promo that resonated with you. You wanted to know more about the publishers seeking manuscripts, the databases for freelance writers, the warning sites, the book promotion tips and ideas, the opportunities for children’s book writers, the links for Christian writers…but you weren’t sure that there would be enough value in this newsletter to warrant spending $45/year for membership.

I can tell you that most members can easily get a return of 3 times their membership dues in value from just one edition of the SPAWN Market Update. All it takes is your commitment to read the Market Update from cover to cover. Spend some time in our SPAWN Market Update archives and find ways to earn or save even more money.

For example:

  • You check one of the warning sites for information about your pending publisher or distributor and learn that they leave a trail of unhappy customers. You don’t sign with them—look at the heartache and money you’ve just saved.
  • You plan to go with a “self-publishing” company with your young adult fantasy because you hear that you need an agent in order to land a publisher. But wait; you read in the SPAWN Market Update about a medium-size traditional publisher who is seeking young adult fantasies. You contact them and they accept your book for publication. How cool is that?
  • You are at a loss for how to promote your science fiction book. Then you find a link, in the SPAWN Market Update, to a site listing science fiction magazines—many of which review science fiction books.
  • You are getting fewer and fewer acceptances for your magazine articles and you’re running out of money and confidence. You start reading the SPAWN Market Update and find numerous leads for new magazines, magazine databases, links to magazine lists and so forth—giving you a definite new lease on your career.

Read the SPAWN Market Update now:!

Go to and click on the For Members Only button in the upper left corner.

Online Courses Available—New Discount for SPAWN Members

SPAWN Offers 2 Online Courses for Authors and Freelance Writers

Starts July 1

Book Proposal Workshop

8 weeks maximum (or work at your own pace and finish earlier)

Special Price of $125 for SPAWN members only—a $75 savings.

Complete a book proposal with the personal assistance of your instructor.

Starts August 1

How to Write and Sell Magazine Articles

6 weeks maximum (or work at your own pace and finish earlier)

Special Reduced Price $100 for SPAWN members only—a $25 savings.

Establish a Career or learn how to Promote Your Book through Magazine Articles.

Course Description: Book Proposal Workshop

Are you still trying to figure out what a Book Proposal is? Perhaps publishers have asked you for one, but you don't know where to start or how to proceed. Here's your opportunity to learn how to write a successful book proposal now and in the future. Your instructor, Patricia Fry, will teach you a formula that you can use for any book you plan.

The book proposal does more than communicate your intentions to a potential publisher. A well-designed proposal is an excellent marketing tool. It gives a publisher the information he/she needs in order to evaluate you and your entire project. But it also makes your life easier because you can use your proposal as a guide to writing your book. Probably the most valuable aspect of writing a book proposal is that during the process, you'll find out if you truly have a worthwhile book at all. Likewise, the marketing component in your proposal will aid you in your promotional efforts once the book is completed.

While our focus will be on the more detailed nonfiction book proposal, students with novels and other fiction manuscripts will also learn how to prepare a book proposal for their projects.

Contact Patricia Fry for a course outline or with your questions.

Course Description: Article-Writing Course

Do you dream of building a career as a freelance writer? Would you like to promote your book through magazine articles? If so, this class is for you. Learn how to recognize good article ideas, write a query letter, find the right market for your work, write a successful article, submit your work and recycle your articles.

Perhaps you've tried to break into the magazine article market with no luck. Maybe the articles you've designed to promote your books are rejected. I'll guide you through the process of developing an article for a magazine of your choice and ultimately submitting it. While I can't guarantee publication, I can assure you a greater measure of success than you may have been experiencing on your own.

What could you possibly be doing wrong? Let me count the common mistakes:

  • Failing to study the magazine for which you want to write.
  • Approaching the wrong magazine with the wrong article.
  • Blatantly promoting your book in the article.
  • Neglecting to adhere to the requested word count.
  • Submitting a sloppy manuscript.
  • Retiring a good idea before exploring all of the possibilities.
  • Exercising poor research skills.
  • Thumbing your nose at protocol and submission guidelines.
  • Giving up too soon.

Whether you want to become a freelance writer or promote your book through magazine articles, the techniques and skills you learn here will go a long way toward helping you meet your goals.

Contact Patricia Fry for with your questions.

How does an online course work? See

Testimonials from Patricia Fry’s students:

Sign up now:

Ask the Book Doctor: About Negotiating Discounts, Selling on Amazon, and Organizing a Book

Q: The marketing director at a chain of national stores wants to carry my book but has mentioned wanting a fifty percent discount off the retail price. Do you think this is reasonable? She says fifty percent is average.

A: In the world of negotiation, the average doesn’t matter. What matters is that the other person has revealed a figure first, so you can now work that figure to your advantage. You know the store is willing to buy at a fifty percent discount. Next you need to see how negotiable that figure is. Personally, I’d tell the marketing director I usually give a thirty percent discount to stores. If she balks, you can compromise at forty, and you’ll both be happy that you both gave a little. If the marketing director will not budge off the fifty percent discount, I trust you have built in enough profit to handle that deep a discount.

To read the rest of Ask the Book Doctor, go to

Bobbie Christmas, book doctor, author of Write In Style (Union Square Publishing), and owner of Zebra Communications, will answer your questions, too. Send them to Read more “Ask the Book Doctor” questions and answers at

Member Interviews—to be interviewed, send an email to and be creative!

Sandra Jones Cropsey, a long time SPAWN member, what can you share about writing?

A: If you have a weak heart, do not pursue writing. Something in the martial arts might be less grueling. Years ago, I told Atlanta Journal & Constitution columnist, Celestine Sibley, “There must be an easier way to persecute oneself in life than by writing; we should organize ‘Writers Anonymous’ with our own twelve-step recovery program.” Today, I am still recovering and could undoubtedly be a poster child for all the things a writer should not do when pursuing publication. Thus, if any of you are in need of a visual aid for your presentations and are willing to cover my travel expenses, please consider me available.

Q: When the SPAWNews arrives in your Inbox, what do you read first?

A: Without a doubt, the Market Update promo in SPAWNews is of tremendous help because this publication better serves my needs than any other newsletter I receive, and I scour several each month. Patricia Fry does a wonderful job of culling through information from numerous resources to provide leads and announcements. In my opinion, the “Market Update” is so good it alone could carry the organization. The articles and links are fantastic. On the average, there are probably at least eight to ten leads in each “Market Update” that I pursue. More often than not, those leads provide another possible outlet or needed information to help me be more successful with my endeavors.

Q: Has your writing changed or improved since joining SPAWN?

A: With an academic background in theater, my writing encompasses several forms—plays, screenplays, children’s stories, fiction, radio dramas, and recently lyrics. While I cannot necessarily say that my writing has improved, although I certainly hope it has, I can say without question that my approach to writing and to marketing specifically has changed. Even though I cannot claim to be seasoned in social marketing, I do know that “Twitter” does not necessarily refer to what happens to my heart when Carter Oosterhouse appears on HGTV or that “My Space” does not refer to that little corner where I keep all my craft supplies. When it comes to writing and marketing, this “brave new world” can be very intimidating, and it is only through the help and guidance of groups like SPAWN that some of us will survive or in my case even have a clue. (Was it the butler in the parlor with a rope? Or maybe it was the author with a quill on “FaceBook.”) Back to your original question of “Why SPAWN?” In light of all the benefits, SPAWN has more than met my expectations, is my organization of choice, and one to which I am proud to belong.


Sherrie Giddens lives in my part of the world, a suburb of St Louis. She is a brand new member. I didn’t even let her get her first newsletter before putting her on the hot seat.

Q: What made you decide now was the time to put writing first?

A: The last several years, my life took some unexpected twists and turns. I found myself asking a lot of hard questions. I did a complete overhaul of my life. I’m able to spend much more time with my family now, and less time running the rat race. It just seems to be time to concentrate on something that I know I am good at, and can do from home—writing.

Q: You used to do a newsletter too—what was that?

A: I was an interior decorator, bleeding money out of the business for advertising. I found most of my customers were women, many of whom seemed to be lost. Redecorating their homes gave them something to focus on. I realized that I could reach out to women through my writing, while at the same time, handling my own advertising needs. It was titled Life Happens.

Q: What are you writing now?

A: Although I am not employed by the United Church of God, I do contribute to the United News, which is mailed out internationally. My writing focuses on topics that relate to women and family matters. I bring a spiritual side to the issues, encouraging women to seek a strength that comes from knowing God.

I am also very interested in women and business issues. I believe that women are the economic engine within any community and if you can reach them, you can reach the family as a whole.  Most of my writing is geared toward her and her family needs. I have given several presentations on marketing to her, with the intention of reaching her family. Although it is a unique way of looking at marketing, it is also a very lucrative way to market.

Q: What’s the good and the bad of writing for you?

A: As with most women, I can easily be distracted by the needs of those around me. I do not regret putting them first, although at times I do feel that my writing gets pushed aside a little more often than is actually needed.

When I open my heart to the thoughts that I want to express, the words flow. Finding that place within me is easy. Finding the time to take the journey to that place within, is not.

Q: Why did you join SPAWN?

A: SPAWN offers a great deal of material to study, along with resources that will serve me well. I look forward to meeting those involved

Q: Your decisions must have confused some people. What do you say to them?

A: I have had many people question the decisions I have made the last few years.  I gave up a business, knowing that I would be taking debt into my personal life. I gave up many of my professional contacts, my busy schedule, and a cell phone that rang constantly. I did so in order to stay at home and be more accessible to my family. I lost the respect of many in the business world, but what I gained in return cannot be measured.

My parents are older now and require a great deal of care. My children are grown, leaving my husband and I the opportunity to spend more time together as a couple. The decisions I made were not easy and although they created a hardship of sorts, they also were the right decisions.  The last 2 years we have found our way into a new life, with new possibilities and wonderful experiences ahead of us. There is nothing I could be offered that would make me give up the life we now have, for the former life.

Ask someone who knows me to describe me and they would probably say that I am a little on the quirky side and tend to do things my way. I don't mind, being quirky, it gives me a creative side that I embrace. It has been said that I live in my own little world and it’s true. My world is a great place to live.

Member News

"From Movie City to Music City USA" goes on the road. New member Randall Rutledge has a busy summer lined up with the following appearances.

June 5th Book Signing Hastings Book Store Enid, OK

June 13th Showcase National Speakers Association Nashville, TN

August 6th Reading & Book Signing Calhoun Gordon County Library Calhoun, GA

September (Date to be Announced) Book Promotion Las Vegas, NV

October 10th Book Fair National Speakers Association Nashville,TN

November 7th Self-Publishers Book Expo New York, NY


 Read the reviews at

 If you’re in the vicinity, drop by and encourage a fellow SPAWN member.


Tugson Press has two new releases coming out soon - D'liberate Ramblings and Deep Breaths, both poetry and both by Leo Shelton. The first 25 purchases will receive free gift bags with some great stuff as their way of saying thanks.


¡Escucha y Habla Inglés! by Frank Gerace, Ph.D.

The work presents some of the principal difficulties that Spanish Speakers have with grammar and pronunciation when learning English. It is not a complete course but is aimed at the Spanish speaking person who knows some English and who wants to take a few steps forward. The book is written in simple, conversational Spanish. There are more than 140 brief sound files related to the points made in both the grammar and pronunciation sections. The reader is directed to a free website to listen to the sounds while at their computer, to download them to their preferred mp3 player, or to burn them to a CD.

For an extensive sample (all in Spanish) click on:

Frank Gerace

227 Beach 123 Street

Rockaway Park, NY



Barbara Florio Graham is offering members a special discount on her Canadian Libraries Database. This list (in block form in Word as well as in database format) is extremely popular with self-publishers and small publishers who want to reach the 90+ Canadian libraries that actually have purchasing power. For many years it has sold for $25, but the price has

just been raised to $35. However, if you e-mail and put SPAWN in the subject line, you can order at the old price. This offer is only available until the end of June, 2009.


Shadrach Linscomb of View House Publishing received his Ed.D. on May 22, 2009.

Congratulations, Shadrach!

Note: To have your announcements included in this section, you must be a paid member of SPAWN. Please email your news to

Book Review

Talk Radio Wants You, An Intimate Guide to 700 Shows and How to Get Invited

By Francine Silverman

McFarland and Company Publishers (2009)

315 pages, perfect-bound $75.00

By Patricia Fry

You probably know Fran Silverman from the Book Promotion Newsletter. What you may not know about Fran is that she is also a publicist and a radio host. And she has done an enormous amount of research to bring authors a new book to help them locate appropriate radio programs where they can promote their books. But this is not just a list of shows, each listing includes the theme of the show and a description, bios for the show hosts, the contact information, a detailed guest profile and even a description of their "guest from hell."

Read the complete, very positive review:


From Sandra Jones Cropsey, interviewed above, on why she maintains her membership in SPAWN.

“One of the few good decisions I made upon the publication of Tinker’s Christmas was to join several reputable publishing organizations—Publisher’s Marketing Association (PMA), Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN), and SPAWN. The next year, when the numbers in red morphed into flashing neon signs, I compared what each organization offered to the cost of membership, and SPAWN took first place. The decision is one I have never regretted. SPAWN is professional yet personal, a community with members who are more like neighbors, a wealth of resources where much of the advice is garnered from the years of experience of its membership. I do not recall ever having posted a question to which at least one member did not respond. More often I have received multiple responses, almost all of which were helpful. Life is not long enough for me to make all the mistakes by myself, especially in light of today’s social media market place, which can be both overwhelming and time-consuming. I count on the members of SPAWN to help me avoid at least some of those mistakes.”


Sarabande Books, Louisville, KY, an independent, nonprofit, literary press is seeking a Marketing Director/Development Assistant, an individual with a strong commitment to contemporary poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction, as well as superior organizational and public relations skills. Minimum BA, MFA, and /or experience desirable. Candidates must be self-starters and highly attentive to details and deadlines.

Job responsibilities include marketing and publicity for each of ten annual titles, attendance at three annual book conferences, and twice yearly visits to NYC book reviewers. Some fundraising activity is also involved. The position includes full-time salary, health, dental, and retirement benefits, private office equipped with a Mac, and ample marketing budget.

Please send letter, resume, three phone references, and a list of your top fifteen favorite contemporary poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction titles, by June 15 to: Sarah Gorham


ITO EN (North America), INC., purveyor of green tea products and beverages, announced its call-for-entries for “Haiku Project 2009." Inspired by the spirit of change in our country today, participants can enter a haiku around the themes of "Change," "Hope" and "Progress". The winning haiku will grace the bottles of ITO EN's award-winning tea line, TEAS' TEA.

To be eligible for the Haiku Project 2009, entrants must submit a haiku (a three lined poem in three metrical phrases with the number of syllables of 5 (first line), 7 (second line), and 5 (third or last line)) that reflects your vision of tomorrow based around Change, Hope and Progress, to

Submissions start on March 6, 2009 and run for a period of 4 months. The winning contestants will be notified by ITO EN and may be required to sign and return a Submission Release Form before their haiku will be printed on the bottles of TEA'S TEA in 2010. 

For more information on Haiku Project 2009, please visit  


damselfly press, an online literary journal for women is pleased to announce the publication of their seventh issue and call for submissions for the eighth issue. They are seeking electronic submissions of original fiction, poetry, and nonfiction by female writers only slated for online publication in July. The deadline to submit for the eighth issue is June 15th.



Non fiction-

Visit the damselfly press website to read the latest issue and learn more about the journal. 


The Sylvan Echo—submissions of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, critical writing, book reviews, and editorials by new and established writers will be accepted through June 20, 2009.The journal is also interested in original artwork and photography. Please read the guidelines carefully as they take them very seriously Submit by email to


InStock Conference

The Conference for Self Publishers

Hotel Monaco, San Francisco for more information

The InStock Conference, a one day conference for self publishers or those interested in self publishing, is coming to San Francisco July 18th. InStock will feature panels on marketing and the business of self-publishing, including publicity outreach, finding your audience, pricing your product and more. In addition, you'll hear from successful authors and self publishers, representatives from the traditional arm of the book industry, and others. The InStock Conference will get you thinking strategically about the marketing and promotion of your book.

Speakers will include successful authors and self-publishers, independent publishers, and representatives from the traditional arm of the book industry. The panels and conversations will include information on marketing self-published books, finding an audience, publicity outreach and tactics, product pricing and more.

InStock has made a special offer to SPAWN members—if you mention Code Word Ashli and SPAWN, you will receive $50 off the regular price of $195 for the conference—you pay $145. In addition, if you are one of the first three people to email me, Sandra, at and can tell me the color of my new-to-me car, you can get a FREE PASS to the conference. If you started at the beginning of the newsletter, you read the color.


Ashli Lewis

Abuzz Productions



PALABRA—the magazine of Chicano & Latino Literary Art invites submissions of unpublished short stories, flash fiction, poetry, novel excerpts and short plays that explore new avenues of Chicano & Latino writing.  Innovative/hybrid work is welcome. Fiction and novel excerpts to 4000 words, flash fiction 3 maximum of up to 750 words, poems 5 maximum of any length, plays to 15 pages. Work can be in English, Spanish, Spanglish or any combination thereof.  Multiple and simultaneous submissions are okay.  There is some pay. Submissions are accepted year-round. Detailed guidelines and information are available on the website:  Queries at

 Submit via USPS only to PALABRA, P.O. Box 86146, Los Angeles, CA 90086-0146. Include SASE. Manuscripts will not be returned.   


Inertia Magazine is seeking submissions for issue (#7) to appear in July 2009 and issue #8 to appear in 2010. Inertia is an electronic literary journal published in New York looking for new talent. Submission guidelines and form at 


Biblioasis has just published what they've been billing as a bit of Christie on crack, a comic-noir slacker-cozy by Terry Griggs called Thought You Were Dead. To celebrate, they're throwing a Revenge-Lit Flash Fiction contest: 250 words on the death of a literary critic. Details at Deadline is June 17th.


The 2009 Hollywood Book Festival will consider published, self-published and independent publisher non-fiction, fiction, children's books, teenage, how-to, audio/spoken word, 'zines, comics, e-books, fan fiction, wild card (anything goes!), unpublished stories, screenplays, genre-based works and biographical/autobiographical works.

All entries must be in English. The grand prize for the 2009 Hollywood Book Festival Author of the Year is $1500 and a flight to Hollywood, CA for their gala awards ceremony.

Each entry must contain the official entry form, including your e-mail address and contact telephone number. All shipping and handling is borne by the entrant. Deadline submissions in each category must be postmarked by the close of business on June 25th. Entry forms are available online at Applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable entry fee via check, money order or PayPal online payment of $75 in U.S. dollars for each submission. Multiple submissions are permitted but each entry must be accompanied by a separate form and entry fee.

Entry packages should include one copy of the book; any relevant marketing material; a copy of your official entry form; and the entry fee or receipt from online payment. Entries should be mailed to: JM Northern Media LLC attn: Hollywood Book Festival 7095 Hollywood Boulevard Suite 864 Hollywood, CA 90028-0893 Phone: 323-665-8068


Poetry Contest. Winner receives full scholarship to workshop. Contest entries must be postmarked by June 27, 2009.

Send 3 copies of each poem with your name removed. Include a separate cover sheet listing titles or first lines of each submitted poem, your name, address, phone number, email address, and any other relevant contact information. Line limit for each poem is 45 lines.

Submit Poems to: SBSPW Poetry Contest, P.O. Box 30302, Santa Barbara CA 93130

Contest fee is $12 for each 3-poem entry. Checks should be made out to SBSPW.

Note: If the contest winner is not able to attend the workshop, the prize will be offered to the second place contestant.  A refund will be given if the tuition has already been paid.


Miranda Literary Magazine would like to invite writers to submit for anthology projects. Each project is based around a topic or a concept. Anthologies will be in print form, published through Skinny Toe Press–the creators of Miranda Literary Magazine.

The first anthology will be “The Sea.” They are looking for poetry, creative non-fiction, fiction, essays, interviews, book reviews, and other writing where the ocean plays a significant role. Send in your work of 8,000 or less with the words “Sea Anthology” in the subject line to Deadline for submissions is June 30, 2009.


The University Interscholastic League (UIL) and the Texas Book Festival announce the 8th Annual Fiction Writing Contest. Texas junior high and high school students are invited to submit a piece of original fiction, no more than 2,000 words in length, to be judged by Texas authors, some of whom will appear at the 2009 Texas Book Festival, Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 in Austin.

Entries should focus on the theme, “In My Own Backyard.” Judges will look for excellence in use of dialogue, character development, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution. Submitted entries will be considered in three divisions: Grades 7-8; Grades 9-10; Grades 11-12. Authors will enter the division for which they were a student during the 2008-09 school year. Schools are limited to three entries per division. There is no entry fee. Entries must be double-spaced and formatted as a Microsoft Word document, accompanied by a completed contest entry form, then faxed to the Texas Book Festival office at (512) 322-0722 no later than July 1, 2009.

First place winners will be invited to Austin to receive an award and to read their works during the book festival. Winning entries will also be published on the web site. For additional information, contact Bobby Hawthorne at Entry forms are posted at or


NANO Fiction announces their first annual NANO Prize, to be awarded to a flash fiction piece, prose poem, or micro essay of 300 words or less. The winner will receive $500. Contest deadline is August 1, 2009. The entry fee is $12 for the first three pieces, and $2 for each additional piece. Fee includes a one year subscription to NANO Fiction. for complete rules.

While there will be only one winner of the contest, all submitted pieces will be considered for publication. Electronic entries will not be accepted. Mail all entries and cover letters with a check or money order to: NANO Prize, PO Box 667445, Houston, TX 77266-7445. Make all checks payable to NANO Fiction.


The Esquire Fiction Contest begins May 1 and ends August 1, 2009. Go to to complete and submit the entry form pursuant to the onscreen instructions. Limit (1) one entry per person and per e-mail address for the contest. You have to follow the rules. The first and most important rule—besides, of course, that the story has to be original—is that the story must be based on one of three titles provided. The titles are:

  1. "Twenty-Ten"
  2. "An Insurrection"
  3. "Never, Ever Bring This Up Again"

A date, a thing, and a statement. No exceptions.

Second rule—the story cannot exceed 4,000 words. Submit to where you can see the full list of rules and details about prizes.

First prize: publication in Esquire and $2,500.

Starting immediately, Esquire will be publishing great new American fiction exclusively online,


Deadly Ink is adding a second short story contest this year: Holidays Can Be Murder! Stories must have a holiday theme, a deadly incident, no more than 5,000 words. Profits from the sale of the anthology go to Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross. Prizes are $100/$50/$25. Deadline is August 15, 2009. There is NO entry fee.

For more information please go to:


To foster awareness of PAST LOVES DAY, Spruce Mountain Press is sponsoring its 3rd annual Past Loves Day Story Contest. No entry fee

Write your true story of an earlier love, in no more than 700 words. The story may be heart-warming or humorous. Just tell it as if you were talking to a good friend.

PRIZES: $100, $75, $50,Honorable Mention(s)

Winning stories will be posted (anonymously, if requested by author) on the website.

Entries must be sent by midnight, August 16, 2009.

By e-mail: Please include story in the body of your email. Regular mail: CONTEST , Spruce Mountain Press, 61 Katuah Rd., Plainfield, VT 05667


2009 Juked Poetry and Prose Contest

Winner in each genre receives $500 and publication in the upcoming print issue, Juked #7.

Submission Deadline:  August 31st, 2009. Entry Fee:  $10

Fiction: one story per entry, no length requirement

Poetry: up to five poems (no more than ten pages total) per entry

Complete guidelines at:


The 2009 Flash Fiction Contest is looking for works that are short in length but linger long in memory: small stories that pack a big emotional punch and make creative use of language. 

Deadline: Postmarked by September 1, 2009

Word Count: Short-short stories up to 1,000 words.

Prizes are $150 and publication, $100 and publication, $50 and publication, Honorable Mention: Publication for complete rules. Entry fee: $7 per story, 3 for $20

Mail manuscripts w/check or money order made out to Newport Review to: Newport Review Flash Fiction Contest, P.O. Box 65, Warren, RI 02885


New Voices Award is given for a children’s fiction or nonfiction picture book story by a writer of color. Open to US residents who have not previously published a children’s picture book. Prize $1,000 plus a publication contract. Submission period is May 1—September 30, 2009.


Angel Animals Network contest seeks true stories of remarkable women and dog companions who give service in extraordinary ways and fulfill their life's purpose. Each entrant will be considered for publication in Dogs and the Women Who Love Them, to be published by New World Library in Fall 2010. No entry fee. Deadline: September 30, 2009 postmark. 

Info:  (go to website for required entry form)


Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award for imaginative fiction. Submit unpublished, original work of fantasy, fiction, mystery and horror with an ideal length of 1,000—3,000 words. Editors are willing to consider submissions of stories that reach beyond the boundaries of those genres, take literary and creative risks and tell a good story. Entry fee $10 per entry. Prizes - $1,000 for 1st place, four runners-up $100 each and publication in Rosebud. Deadline October 15, 2009. for more information.


Cordon D’Or-Gold Ribbon International Annual Culinary Academy Awards – Crystal Academy Awards are presented in several categories including culinary literature, illustrated cookbook, cookbook cover and title, international travel cookbook, and self-published cookbook. Prize $1,000 to overall winner. Deadline October 31, 2009. or for more information.


Ten Minute Play Contest—open to US citizens or residents, one entry per person, submit a previously unproduced ten minute play of up to ten pages. No entry fee. Prize is $1,000 Heideman Award. Deadline November 1, 2009.


The Hammet Prize is an award to recognize work of literary excellence by a US or Canadian writer in the field of crime writing. Awards for novels, story collections or nonfiction by one author. No entry fee. Deadline December 1, 2009. Prize – The Thin Man trophy. Entries must be previously published. For more information, contact Mary Frisque at or see the website at


Glimmer Train contests are held monthly. Fees vary. Prizes range from $1,200 to $2,000 plus publication. All stories must be submitted online during the month noted. For more information— or the website


Read about the coming events at

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