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Hello ~

I am a member of SPAWN. I am currently developing an illustrated story rhyme with music. I have written the story rhyme and the musical accompaniment, which is a 20-minute musical suite.

I may have to seek a new illustrator as the one I was developing this project with might become unavailable soon. Is there any resource you can suggest that might help me find illustrators?

Thank you for your help and for your great monthly newsletters!

Toni Jannotta

Check the result!

Dear Kate ~

My in-box is filled with responses to your email blast and I can’t thank you enough. It has been a big blow to lose my illustrator and quite the learning experience, too.

Thanks to your email blast, I am blown away at the talent out there. It gives me hope now that I will find the right fit. Maybe an even better fit than the one I had.

Thank you again for your help,

Toni Jannotta

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