Make More Money Writing with Hope Clark


SPAWN Member Teleseminar with Hope Clark, the editor of Funds for Writers.


Make More Money Writing: Strategies for Finding New Funding Streams

As a writer, you may have received guidance on how to write, how to query, how to format manuscripts, and so on. However, in this presentation, Hope Clark, the editor of Funds for Writers will give you direction on funding streams. Instead of the mechanics, Hope will focus on how you can find markets, competitions, awards, grants, publishers, agents, and jobs for your writing abilities that you may never have considered.

You will learn how to:

  • Study mastheads, research contacts at trade magazines, and use social media to your advantage
  • Deal with rejection and understand Hope’s “keep 13 in play” approach
  • Avoid writing scams by doing your homework
  • Find contests in your writing genre
  • Earn money through freelance sites.
  • Skip low-paying markets and focus on effective sources of funds that further your career

Whether you are thirty-year veteran writer or a part-time wannabe, Hope will give you new ideas for finding more sources of money to help make writing a realistic and profitable career.

About Hope Clark:
C. Hope Clark (Hope) is editor of, a well-known writer’s reference that reaches over 33,000 readers weekly with grants, markets and motivational editorials that generate stacks of thank-you notes from readers. Writer’s Digest Magazine voted FundsforWriters one of its 101 Best Web Sites for Writers for 2001 through 2010, ten straight years. The four FundsforWriters newsletters cover all levels of writers, from teens to novices to professionals, and her readership ranges from stay-at-home moms to Harvard professors and award-winning mystery authors.

Hope is the author of 12 ebooks and her work has been published in magazines like Writer’s Digest, The Writer Magazine, ByLine Magazine, Next Step Magazine, College Bound Teen, TURF Magazine, Landscape Management and several Chicken Soup books.  She penned her nonfiction paperback, The Shy Writer, to aid writers like her who have difficulty appearing in public.