SPAWN Teleseminar: Deal with Writer's Block


On August 12 at 2 pm (Pacific), we will have a SPAWN member teleseminar with author and self-help strategist Jerry Waxler.


I Don’t Brake for Writer’s Block: Effective Techniques to Stay in High Gear

If you have something to write, the next step is to sit in a chair and write it. This workshop will help you achieve that goal, while maintaining your creative flow. Jerry Waxler, author and self-help strategist will show you how to tailor your actions and attitudes to help you achieve writing success.

You’ll learn to:

  • Harness inspiration and perspiration
  • Talk yourself out of anxiety and into self confidence.
  • Find a more dynamic way to visualize your job
  • Transform your readers from judges to cheerleaders
  • Expand your “writing energy toolkit”

The workshop will give you insights into these four aspects of energetic writing:

  • Action: Use habits, schedules, dancing and doodling to keep writing and stay creative.
  • Attitude: Negative attitudes slow you down. To pick up speed, adjust your attitude.
  • Story: The story you tell about yourself has an enormous impact on your momentum, but few of us have been trained to improve our self-story.
  • Going public: Embrace your audience and make peace with gatekeepers so you can let your public energize you.

About Jerry Waxler:

Jerry Waxler M.S. conducts self-help workshops for writers, and has collected his strategies in the book “Four Elements for Writers: How to Get Beyond ‘Yes-But,’ Conquer Self-Doubt and Inertia, and Achieve Your Writing Goals.” He holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Villanova University, is Vice President of the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference, and is on the advisor’s panel of the National Association of Memoir Writers. The book and Jerry’s blog for memoir readers and writers are available from