SPAWN Teleseminar – Are Book Awards Worth It?


On November 16 at 1 pm Pacific we will have a SPAWN member teleseminar with Kate Siegel Bandos.


Are Book Awards Worth It?

Authors and publishers, even illustrators, book and cover designers want to know if they should submit their book for the myriad of award opportunities that are available.

The questions that will be addressed include:

  • Is it worth the time?
  • Is it worth the money?
  • Where do you find out about the various award opportunities?
  • How should you decide which ones are the most worthwhile?
  • Upon winning an award, how can you use it to your advantage? Kate will detail 10 key ways to use awards to increase reviews and sales.
  • Is it better to use the actual seal on the book cover, or when reprinting the book is it better to simply incorporate the seal as art, part of the printed cover?

Kate will allow time to answer other questions from attendees regarding book awards, or send them ahead of time so they can be addressed during this session. She will also share specific examples from the various award-winning books she has worked with, including a children’s book with a 2009 copyright that just received its 12th award (and more are pending).

About Kate Siegel Bandos:

Kate has worked with hundreds of publishers and authors, and dealt with a wide array of media people during her more than 40 years in publishing. Since the formation of KSB Promotions in 1988, she has primarily helped independent publishers garner media exposure. Prior to the formation of KSB Promotions, Kate was publicity director for M. Evans & Company (NYC), Globe Pequot Press (CT) and Pelican Publishing (LA). Handling national, regional, and local and carefully targeted campaigns, Kate and her husband/partner Doug work with non-fiction titles only, specializing in travel guides, parenting, gardening, cookbooks, home how-to, consumer health, select children’s books and other general lifestyle books. Learn more about her services at and see some of the books they currently represent by visiting