SPAWN Market Update – October 2011


This issue of the SPAWN Market Update includes directories to help you market your book, new magazine and publisher listings for freelance writers and authors, a bookstore map of the US, an interview with Katie Yeakle of American Writers and Artists, Inc., special offer for SPAWN members and more.

Here’s What’s New – 3 changes affecting writers

Opportunities for Freelance Writers – 6 new mags

Opportunities for Authors – New concepts for authors, 2 interesting contests, plus 6 new publishers

Book Promotion Opportunities – 3 conference directories, a bookstore map and more

Going, Going, Gone – 6 to report

Bonus Item – Interview with Katie Yeakle of American Writers and Artists, Inc., Special offer for SPAWN members

Here’s What’s New

Today’s Woman (website) is now Today’s Writing Community. They focus on poetry and poets. They also feature a warning site:

The Scribe and Quill e-newsletter will be published through the S&Q Facebook Group rather than through an email list from now on.

The editors of the Los Angeles Times Book Review will no longer hire book reviewers or columnists. They will rely on staff to handle columns related to books.

Opportunities for Freelance Writers

Have you checked out the 2012 Writer’s Market? Here are a few magazines new to this edition. This could mean it is the first time they’ve been included in the Writer’s Market or it could mean that they skipped a year or two of being included.

Lighthouse Digest. They publish a couple of fiction pieces each issue as well as nonfiction articles. Their focus is historical fiction and news items related to lighthouses and maritime stories. As far as fiction, they prefer mysteries, romance, suspense, historical, humorous or adventure. They pay $75 to $150 per piece.

Cellar Door Poetry Journal is new. In fact, it was established this year. Submission guidelines are posted at their website or

Mensbook Journal was launched in 2008. They publish nonfiction, fiction and poetry in many topics and genres for gay men. For writers’ guidelines, go to:

Ducts is a website where writers can have their personal stories, poetry, fiction, etc. published.

California Northern was founded in 2010 for California readers who enjoy excellent writing.

Bust Magazine is a lifestyle magazine covering the pop culture for women. Circulation is 100,000. They use both fiction and nonfiction, including book excerpts and they pay up to $250 per piece.

Opportunities for Authors


Here’s an interesting concept. Erin Eber, Community Manager of PubSlush Press sent me an email about a new concept in publishing. Erin says it’s a way for “aspiring talent to emerge from the slush by using social media to connect writers to their readers.” Here’s how it works: the author submits ten pages and a summary of his book to the PubSlush Press site. Site visitors review and even fund the books they would like to read. If the book reaches 2,000 supporters, PubSlush publishes it. They also “allow” editors at major publishing houses to browse through the book samples. There’s more. Supporters get copies of the published book, AND the company will donate a book to a child in need for every copy sold.


According to their website, the organizers of this company are most interested in fighting illiteracy. So their cause and purpose goes beyond just helping authors to get published.


As an introductory offer, PubSlush Press is running a writing competition. Winners win an iPad 2 and a chance to be published. Deadline is October 15, 2011. Learn more at I checked the website and cannot find anything to indicate that there is a charge or a fee. But, as always, I recommend that you proceed with caution.

We do not typically offer recommendations. We only report. We expect and urge you to do the necessary research before getting involved with any website or company.

FREE Copies of Writer’s Magazine

The editors of Children’s Writer Magazine is offering two issues FREE at their website. Get your copies at

Mills and Boon is running an interesting contest in an attempt to find new romance novelists. Learn more here:

There are some new publishers on the block. Here are a few:

Bobo Strategy was established in 2008. They publish both nonfiction and fiction and will sometimes offer to make an outright purchase of your manuscript for up to $2,500. Yes, they want to see a book proposal for both fiction and nonfiction. Learn more at

Divertir publishes nonfiction, fiction and poetry. They’ve been operating since 2009 and typically produce 6-12 titles per year. This publisher covers a wide variety of topics from New Age to astrology, cooking, government and photography. Again, you’d better prepare a proposal package whether you’re submitting a fiction or nonfiction manuscript.

New Libri Press came into being this year! They, too, publish in many genres and topics and they, too, want to see a proposal first. They pay 50 to 75 percent royalties (probably for ebooks).

Elixirist began publishing in Texas in 2010. They are seeking proposals for both nonfiction and fiction.

Ruka Press formed in 2010 and they publish nonfiction only with a strong environmental theme.

Nortia Press has been publishing nonfiction and fiction books since 2009. They want to see a brief query letter for manuscripts ranging from business, economics, ethnic, health, memoirs, military, religion, science, sex and women’s studies. Their fiction interests include comic books, historical, humor, regional, war, sports and more.

Book Promotion Opportunities

Publisher’s Weekly has a handy bookstore map you might want to check out. It identifies specific bookstores in areas of the US that are currently open. Check it out at


Kirkus Reviews and BookWhirl are offering a very pricey book promotion opportunity. For anywhere from $2,449 to $3,799, you can get a professional book review, targeted email marketing campaign and a well-written press release that goes out to anywhere from 500,000 to two million recipients. Again, this is not a recommendation. I am reporting this as a courtesy, only. If you have this kind of marketing budget and you believe this program could help you sell books, learn more at I think it is awfully pricey and I doubt that you could actually earn back your money through sales. But we’ve provided you with the opportunity in case you wish to check it out for yourself.


Have you attended a conference related to your book’s theme or genre, lately? I recommend that you apply for speaking gigs at conferences on the topic of your book. Travel if you have to. But apply for these opportunities only after you’ve fine-tuned your speaking skills and have created a useful program. Anytime you speak to your audience with authority, credibility and useful information, you will sell books.

Also attend writing/authors’ conferences where you can learn so much more about book promotion. Find appropriate conferences through these directories: and (writing conferences only)

You can also do an Internet search for appropriate conferences in your area.

Going, Going, Gone

American Executive is folding

US Business Review has closed

Business in Yuma is no longer publishing

The University of CA Press will no longer publish their California Poetry series.

The publisher of WestSide Books is looking for a buyer.

PoliPoint Press has closed its doors

Writer’s Journal Magazine is for sale.

Bonus Item

An interview with Katie Yeakle of American Writers and Artists Inc.

(Includes special offer for SPAWN members.)

1: Tell me a little about your company/organization.

American Writers & Artists Inc.’s (AWAI) mission has been helping people develop the skills to acquire financial security, independence and freedom since we opened our doors in 1997. And as the world’s leading publisher of direct-response copywriting, travel writing, photography and graphic design home-study programs, we’ve helped thousands of people do just that.
Our programs equip our members with the tools necessary to succeed in their new careers.  Plus, the critical skills and connections needed to start working professionally and earning money fast.

2: When was it established?

AWAI was started in 1997… so we are coming up on our 15 year anniversary!

3: Who established it and what was the motivation?

We were started by master copywriters and marketers who were responding to the industry-wide need for talented copywriters who can deliver copy that sells. Combined, our Board of Advisors has sold more than $1 billion worth of products and services through direct response copywriting.

4: What are some of the offerings through AWAI?

We have over 50 programs that teach people how to gain the financially valuable skill of direct response sales writing.

Our cornerstone program, the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, teaches all there is to know about this huge and ever-growing industry … where a single letter can produce millions of dollars in sales—and reward the copywriter who wrote it very handsomely … from the men and women who are doing it every day.

Our members learn who all the players in the industry are … who’s looking for writers

(practically everyone!) … who pays top dollar … and who the best companies to write for are.

The program is divided into two categories: “Core” elements every successful letter needs to have, and “Master” secrets you can use to ratchet up the effectiveness of any letter you sit down to write.  But besides cramming the program full of the most powerful copywriting techniques on earth, we also made sure the material was easy to learn and fun to do. Most important, though, we worked extra hard to create a program that anyone with even the most basic writing skills could succeed with.

We also have cutting-edge programs for people wanting to write for the B2B market … health, financial, self-help, all things web … and much more.

5: What can a writer hope to achieve after signing up with you?

In a nutshell, something we call “The Writers Life.” It means something different for everyone but essentially you have the ability to create a life where you’re the boss. Where you’re in control of your time and decide how much money you would like to make. You decide who you work with and who you don’t. It’s really about freedom… the freedom to choose… whatever that ends up looking like for you.

6: Do you help them to get published in periodicals or locate copywriting work in corporations or both?

We do our best to help people build their writing businesses. We have dozens of programs that focus on just that.

In addition to programs, we host a website where AWAI-trained copywriters can register to be found by marketers and businesses who are looking for professional, highly-skilled freelance, full-time, part-time copywriters and researchers.

And we also host a Job Fair at our annual conference in Delray Beach, FL (coming up this October) where copywriters can come meet marketers looking to hire copywriters.

Because of the reputation of our training in the industry, companies now come to us looking to hire copywriters.

7: Do you do writing critique or lessons?

All of our programs get our members writing and practicing their new skills very early on.  Some offer critiques from the gurus involved with the particular program … others other critiques through the members-only forums.

8: What are the fees for writers?

That is a hard question to answer because there are so many variables that can affect how much a writer would make… their experience level, the scope of the job… a 20-page sales letter is going to command a much higher fee vs. a simple email or a landing page for the web.

We do offer several pricing guides on our website – and if you go to our article archive and search “pricing guides” you will find them.

9: How does your program differ from a writers group or nonprofit organization for writers?

The biggest difference is our content and the creators of our programs. They are all written by top experts in their field… experts who are actually working in the specific niche they are teaching.  Some of the leading pros in our industry like Bob Bly, Dan Kennedy, Nick Usborne have all contributed to our programs.

It’s also the way in which we teach. We break things down into digestible parts to make it very easy to understand and easy to follow. Although I must say that as writers, your audience would definitely have a head start.

Plus we spend a lot of energy and resources helping people build their writing businesses. We arm you with the skills you need, show you how to get started, and then work with you to create the freelance career you want.

10: What changes are you seeing in the world of freelance writing?

It’s actually more a change in business in general.  Businesses are struggling now … but the one thing they all have to do … now more than ever … is sell their products and services.

They may not have the staffs they used to so freelancers they can count on are even more important to them.

And, in keeping with that … businesses today need more copy than ever before.  It’s not just sales letters any more … it’s website content, social media, emails, sales pages, product descriptions, brochures, postcards, you name it. There are so many additional things that need to be written… and written to sell. The need is growing and it is not going to stop.

11: Must freelancers approach this profession differently now than in the past? How?

I would say definitely yes. Companies are looking for writers who bring some sales and marketing savvy to the table.  Plus, the more you know about the company you’re writing for, the more you can make yourself invaluable to them. Getting to understand their marketing, their bigger goals and then seeing how you fit in and how you can help really goes a long way in today’s market

12: What would you advise someone who wants to earn a living as a freelance writer or just supplement his income?

The more you bring to the table, the more valuable you are.  All companies need sales material written to stay in business.  Learn how to write persuasive letters that motivate people to act and you’ll have a financially valuable skill.

Study the greats… Dan Kennedy, Bob Bly, John Forde, Joe Sugarman… study our programs… read copy every day and save the good stuff. Think about what makes you want to buy it.

And, most importantly – write every day!

Please include your contact information

KATIE YEAKLE has spent over 25 years in the world of direct marketing and publishing in the roles of copy editor, editorial coordinator, product manager, fulfillment supervisor, marketing manager and publisher. Recognizing the industry-wide need for talented copywriters who can deliver copy that sells, she helped establish American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) with co-founders Paul Hollingshead and Don Mahoney in 1997.

Today, as Executive Director, Katie oversees AWAI’s 50+ programs designed to help people turn their passions into careers.

If you’ve been thinking about “testing the waters” and taking a step toward learning how to write copy, check out AWAI’s flagship program The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting [].

AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is normally sold for $497, but as a subscriber, AWAI has agreed to give you a VERY special offer…

If you order before midnight on October 31, 2011, you’ll pay only $197.

PLUS, you’ll have an entire year to give it a shot, and see if copywriting is right for you. If at any time during the year you change your mind, you just call and let them know and they’ll refund every penny you paid.

You have all the qualifications you need to become a successful freelance copywriter. And if that’s something you’d like to try, there’s never been a better time.

For those of you who are interested in earning more as a freelance writer, also read books by Peter Bowerman and Kelly James Enger.