SPAWN Market Update – January 2007


SPAWN Market Update – January, 2007

By Patricia L. Fry

Going, Going, Gone – 10 more magazines have quit publishing

Here’s What’s New – 10 new magazines and changes for 8 others

Opportunities for Freelance Writers – 3 mags and 3 writing job sites

Opportunities for Fiction Writers – 4 mags and ezines

Opportunities for Authors – 2 great resources and a publishing opp.

Book Promotion Opportunities – 4 solid resources for published authors

Opportunities for Poets – 10 magazines that publish poetry

Opportunities for Scriptwriters – Win $10,000 and a contract

Opportunities for Artists – 3 potential jobs and a directory of opportunities for artists.

Industry News – The jailing of reporters is on the rise worldwide.

Bonus Item – A dozen article markets along with ideas for using them to promote your book.

Going, Going, Gone

DC Style

Official US Playstation Magazine

Decorating Spaces

House DIY

Scrapbook Answers

TV Guide Canada

W Jewelry

Women’s Health and Fitness


Communications and Networking

Here’s What’s New

Desert Currents

Six78th: The Junior High Lifestyle Magazine

Brian Sacks started BizSanDiego as a monthly print magazine designed to report on the issues facing San Diego, California business. The magazine also features profiles of businesses in all categories. If you have an article idea related to San Diego business, contact the editors by phone (619-308-0420) or fill out the contact form at the Web site: For additional information about this magazine, go to:

Escondido Magazine

Canadian Smart Living

West Coast Golfer

Editor Huyun Kim has left BizAZ and Tina May is the new editor. The new associate editor is Rose Tring. If you want to write about business in Arizona, contact Tring at


Worthwhile Magazine

Tom Chiarella is the new fiction editor for Esquire Magazine. Can you write fiction for men? If appropriate, consider submitting an excerpt from your novel for consideration. They also publish short stories, poetry, memoirs and even plays, but nothing pornographic. After studying the submission guidelines, send your complete manuscript to Tom Chiarella by mail only: Esquire Magazine, 1790 Broadway, New York, NY 10019.

Pregnancy Magazine

Women’s Adventure

The California


El Pasoan Magazine

Coleen Curtis is the new executive editor for US Weekly.

Marcia Preston has turned the editorial duties for Byline Magazine over to Robbi Hess. If you have something to submit to Byline, send it via snail mail. They do not accept email submissions. Robbi Hess, Byline, POB 111, Albion, NY 14411.

Opportunities for Freelance Writers


Did I tell you about Divapreneurs? What a concept. This is a magazine for women who are small business owners and entrepreneurs. And they are seeking features, profiles and tips. It doesn’t appear that they have a Web site set up, yet, but you can contact an editor and ask for submission guidelines.

Four Weeks

Here’s a free writing job site! Find magazines that are seeking freelancers at Go to: and click on the category: science fiction, hobbies, architecture, art, law, business, military, parenting or pets, for example. There are 68 regional magazines listed and 56 religious publications. If you’re a freelance article or story writer and you can’t find a gig through this database, you’re not even trying.

Here’s a great site for freelance article writers and authors with a book to promote. I haven’t mentioned in a while and this would be a good time to do so because Meg Weaver is running a special. Start the New Year armed with the information you need in order to get those writing jobs. Sign up and gain access to hundreds of freelance opportunities. Meg’s is the only such database that includes editorial calendars for many of the magazines. The fee for now is $119/year or $79 for 6 months. Questions? Contact Meg Weaver at

Opportunities for Fiction Writers


Other Magazine

Shadowed Pathways

Horror Garage


Opportunities for Authors

The Spanish language book market is one of fastest growing segments in American publishing today. According to statistics, there are over 25 million Hispanics living in the U.S. And a spokesperson for the Children’s Book Council says that there is a particular need for Spanish and bilingual books for children of all ages. Learn more about the need, the statistics and how to go about producing Spanish language books at

Do you need statistics for your book proposal? Do you want to know who was the agent for a recent bestselling book or who is the publicist? You’ll find this information and much more at the Book Standard Web site.

Double Edged Publishing

Book Promotion Opportunities

Distribute Spanish Language Books

How do you distribute Spanish language books? Baker and Taylor has a Spanish division. Contact Michael Shapiro at 800-775-1500 ext 7028. The largest Spanish book distributor in the states is Lectorum. Contact Teresa Mlawer, For children’s Spanish books, Mariuccia Iaconi Book Imports is your first choice in distributors. Visit their Web site at

Seasonal Promotion Ideas

Promote your books by the season. In other words, find ways to connect your book topic (for fiction, the genre/setting/story focus, etc.) to a seasonal event or celebration. Visit to get started. And read more about this concept in my book promotion article in the January edition of SPAWNews—delivered on the first of January to your email box.

Book Promotion Resources

Be sure to visit Moira Allen’s Writing World for a fantastic list of book promotion opportunities. They include a book festival directory, book review sites and much, much more.

Mailing Lists for Libraries/Bookstores offers mailing lists for authors who are promoting their books. The lists, ranging in size from 996 names to over 5,000 will cost you from $50 to $270.00. What do you get for your money? Lists of independent bookstores and libraries. You can order just the names and contact information or pay more for pre-printed self-sticking mailing labels.

Opportunities for Poets

Do you have some poetry you’d like to see published? Here are a few magazines that use poetry today, Country Folk, Nostalgia, True Romance, Mature Years, POZ, Saturday Evening Post, Today’s Latino, Adbusters, The New Era and Absolute. Do a Google search to locate submission guidelines. Or study the latest edition of Writer’s Market.

Opportunities for Scriptwriters


Opportunities for Artists

As you will notice above, Factotum seeks artwork and photography. Check with Matthew Norris at, for submission guidelines.

Can you produce artwork that “question the idea that your identity and tastes are as simple as checkboxes on a questionnaire?” Then you might get your work accepted by the art department at Other Magazine. They want art and cartoons that reject traditional categories. Check em out at Contact the art department here:

Direct Art Magazine

Industry News

People ask me how I keep up on so many things related to the publishing industry. Well, I’m curious about and interested in my field and I am an industrious researcher. You should be, too. How else will you stay apprised of new developments in your field and maintain an active and reasonable promotional plan.

My note of interest this month probably doesn’t affect any of you, but I found it fascinating to learn that the number of journalists being jailed throughout the world is on the rise. This is the headline appearing in the South China Morning Post on December 9, 2006, but the story came out of New York. Evidently, the Committee to Protect Journalists has a way of tracking the number of journalists imprisoned throughout the world. They say there are currently 134 reporters, editors and photographers incarcerated world-wide and 49 of them are internet journalists. Most of those were caught blogging or emailing controversial or forbidden thoughts and information. Of the 24 nations that have imprisoned reporters, China and Cuba top the list with a total of 54 media personnel behind bars.

Joshua Friedman, director of international programs at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism refers to this freedom of the press issue as “the Canary in the coal mine.” He is quoted as saying, “It’s a barometer of the insecurity of the people running these governments. One of the things that makes them insecure these days is the power of the internet.”

Yes, the internet has certainly changed a lot of things—the way we raise our children, learn about our illnesses, fill our time, fill our heads, carry on relationships, establish new friends, shop and even behave. Think about that for a moment. Do you communicate via the internet in the same way that you would if you were standing face-to-face, toe-to-toe with someone? From what I see in chatrooms, blogs, forums and personal emails, I think not. We tend to hide behind the anonymity of the internet much the same way that we hide behind the tinted windows in our cars during those ugly fist-shaking freeway clashes.

As citizens and fellow members of the human experience, let’s all try to use the concept of freedom of the press—freedom of speech—in the most positive way in order to do the most good not in ways that test the boundaries of this American privilege.

Bonus Item

How to promote your book through magazine articles

Lifestyle, regional and luxury magazines seem to have made the biggest impression on the industry during 2006. In August, I reported that listed 360 regional magazines. It seems as though I reported new lifestyle, regional and upscale magazines every month in the Market Update.

According to Mr. Magazine, Samir Husni, there were 1013 new magazines launched in 2005. This was noted as the year of the magazine. The numbers through August 2006 show that new magazine launches are down by nearly 100. Visit Husni’s interesting site at

Whether you earn a living writing magazine articles like I did for years and years, or you just like to pick up a few bucks selling an article now and then, here are some magazines that might pique your interest. Those of you with books to promote, stay tuned. I’ve added my commentary after each magazine listing explaining how you can promote your book through that particular publication.


Note to Authors


Note to Authors

Both Sides of the Bridge

Note to Authors


Note to Authors

Time Affluential

Note to Authors

Elite Traveler

Note to Authors

The following are older, more established regional and lifestyle magazines.

Ohio Magazine

Note to Authors

New Jersey Monthly

Note to Authors

Northeast Magazine

Note to Authors

Now and Then

Note to Authors

Over the Back Fence

Note to Authors

Hispanic Lifestyle Magazine

Note to Authors

Don’t close the door on opportunities before you explore them. Get creative. Use your imagination to come up with new ways to promote your book while selling your articles to a variety of magazines. Can you promote your book of cat stories through a magazine that focuses on sailing or your book featuring a children’s wild adventure through a rock climbing magazine? With the right hook and the right angle, you just might score.

Here are a couple of good books on magazine article writing:

The Complete Guide to Writing and Selling Magazine Articles,

A Writer’s Guide to Magazine Articles for Book Promotion and Profit

Study pages 1-83 in the 2007 Writer’s Market for help and resources to help you understand more about the article-writing business.

by Patricia Fry (Matilija Press), $6.50. by Dan Case and Peggy Fielding. $19.95. (Order at the AWOC Web site.): As reported earlier in this edition, Hispanics are quickly becoming a major market for books. If there is something about your book that would appeal particularly to the Hispanic population, this might be an opportunity for you to promote it through an article. Let’s say that your book features family events in California—some of them probably relate to the Hispanic culture. There’s your natural tie-in opportunity. Perhaps you’ve written a book teaching high school graduates how to survive in the college environment. An article featuring a look at a few California colleges with quotes from directors and students, might certainly rate a place in this magazine. is designed for the more affluent Hispanics who are living in California. The editorial staff is interested in business, the community and cultural events. Contact the editor at Here’s a regional magazine that should be real easy to crack if you are a resident of or are familiar with Southern Ohio. If not, become so. Perhaps one of the contributors to your inspirational/spiritual book lives in Chillicothe or Vinton, for example. Ask him/her to help you get a leg up with this publication by agreeing to be interviewed for a story. Write an article about traveling through this region with your family when you were a child. Be sure to research the history of the place so you have your facts right. Even if this doesn’t relate to the book you’re promoting, you can mention the book in your bio. is another magazine for and about Ohioans. Editor Sarah Williamson is interested in personal experience, travel, general interest pieces, nostalgia and they publish fiction. Learn more about the magazine at Contact Sarah at : Check the magazine for the scope of their content and then go to work formulating an article idea based on the topic of your book. For example, let’s say your book is on good grammar. Is there an institution in this area that turns out more students with excellent grammar than anywhere else? Is there a study taking place somewhere in this region on language arts? These are just some of the ways you can possibly tie your book into a place. For a life skills self-help book, locate an organization that is teaching techniques similar to those you teach in your book. Do a piece on them and the people they are helping. Mention your book in the bio at the end of the a regional magazine for the Appalachian region from Southern New York to Northern Mississippi. They seek material on practically any topic as long as it relates to this area. Contact the editor at: : If you happen to live in Connecticut, you may have an in as far as this magazine goes. This could be true no matter where you live—seek out regional magazines in your area and pitch articles, offer excerpts from your book or ask for a book review and/or an interview since you are a native son/daughter. uses fiction as well as nonfiction. It also features Connecticut authors. This is a weekly magazine and it pays for news articles and personal stories with Connecticut ties. They pay around .50 cents/word. Contact the editor at Visit the Web site at: If your book is on sports or the arts, come up with a New Jersey hook and pitch it to Hann. Does your cookbook include recipes from your New Jersey ancestors? buys as many as 100 manuscripts each year and they pay up to $1/word. If you are familiar with New Jersey, you might get an acceptance on your article featuring local sports, politics or travel. Contact editor Christopher Hann at Visit the Web site at If your novel takes place in Ohio or features a historical event that occurred in Ohio, pitch a piece on a little known aspect of the city or the event and, of course, include your book title in the bio. If you live in Ohio, you may get space in the magazine as a local author. publishes articles and fillers about Ohio travel, news and things that make this state unique. They pay $300 to $1,200 for 1,000 to 3,000 word articles. Email a query to Richard Osborne at Visit the Web site at If your book focuses on aviation, write a piece on the latest in private jets. For your book on de-stressing techniques in these trying times, pitch an article on a particular luxury resort and include some tips for making the most of your resort stay. You might even write about an intriguing true mystery related to an elite traveler somewhere in the world in order to promote your mystery book. is considered the private jet lifestyle magazine. You’ll find resort reviews, articles about technology and jewelry and many other things important to the wealthy. Michael Espindle is the editor. Contact him at: Check out the editorial calendar at: Here’s your opportunity to promote your book to the affluent. If your book features solid financial advice, unique luxury travel tips, a profile or history of a fascinating person, for example, Time Affluential might be thrilled to have you submit a story to them. launches in 2007 and it’s all about affluence. If you can write about vacation planning, buying cars, outfitting a second home, entertaining and investments, for example, you might be able to land a gig with this magazine. While this new magazine is affiliated with the original Time Magazine, I’m not finding an easy access link to the new one, yet. Here’s a phone number that might get you to the right person: 212-522-2693. : Do you have a book featuring a unique dieting model, a fitness regimen or a method of de-stressing your life? If so, the editors of this magazine might be interested in an article focusing on an aspect of your book. I know that some of you have books on life skills; can you take an excerpt from your book and turn it into an informative article for Vivmag? is an online magazine for women who want to live a healthier more balanced lifestyle. This magazine features articles on fitness, wellness, awareness and nutrition. To get some notoriety for your book through this magazine, try locating an interesting personality in or from the area—someone, perhaps, who has a tie to the topic of your book—and pitch a profile piece to the editor. For example, let’s say you’ve written your memoirs and it includes your life as a hobo hopping trains in the Midwest. Interview someone else who professes to have been a hobo once or an engineer for a train system that goes through this area. Perhaps your children’s adventure book focuses on a place in the wilderness near Lake Taneycomo or you have a mystery story with ties to this area. is a brand new magazine for residents of and tourists to Branson and Hollister, Missouri. The bridge refers to the Lake Taneycomo Bridge, which separates the two cities. The editors of this magazine are after interesting a
nd even provocative articles and insightful profiles of individuals. They are so new they do not have a Web site. The only contact information I could find was this phone number: 417-263-0355. : Does your book feature a hobby or craft? Find someone in Pitt County who enjoys this activity, interview her for an article and plug your book in the bio at the end. Maybe your book is on parenting or caring for an elderly relative. Come up with an article idea, locate women in North Carolina to interview and submit your article to Jane. (Be sure to study the submission guidelines, first.) is a lifestyle/regional magazine dedicated to the women of Pitt County North Carolina. Editor Jane Hudson says that Her Magazine will feature style, family, home, hobbies and just about anything else that intrigues, concerns or delights local women. Contact Jane at Or write to Jane Hudson at Her, POB 1967, Greenville, NC 27835. : Offer this magazine an article or story related to your New York-based novel or interview a woman in Long Island who is using the self-help program you feature in your nonfiction book. Promote your book on dog training through an article featuring dress-up clothes for dogs. Pitch an article on a spiritual theme to coincide with the subject of your inspirational book. is billed as a backdrop for ideas, perspectives and life on Long Island (New York). The editors hope to help residents improve their life, health and future through stories related to the arts, culture, events, pets, travel and spiritual concepts. Learn more at: will pay up to $500 for articles related to art. If you are an artist who can also write, here’s a great opportunity for you. is a Web site for artists who are seeking freelance jobs, full-time work and more. Check them out—this may be the one resource that will start you on that art career in 2007. is running their 9th annual Screenplay Competition with a first prize of $10,000. Sixty production companies will judge this competition. Scriptapalooza will promote the top 13 winners for a full year. But hurry up and enter. The early-bird deadline is January 5. or call 323-654-5809 or email at And good luck!! is currently accepting proposals for fantasy and science fiction pieces to be included in a book they plan for 2007. Learn more at The editors admit that their proposition is peculiar and they recommend reading the notice on their site. is also a new paying market for dark fiction. They challenge writers to “hit a nerve” with their submission. They prefer fiction that runs less than 3,500 words and they will pay a minimum of $25 for accepted works. is a new webzine and they are seeking horror fiction. Keep your stories under 5,000 words and email submissions to They don’t pay much, but it is an opportunity to get a credit. is seeking short fiction (2,000 to 5,000 words) and short short fiction (300 to 1500 words) that crosses genres and tradition. Look at their submission guidelines at: has issued a call for submission. They publish poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, plays and even visual art. For more information and for submission guidelines, contact Matthew Norris at: has experienced a facelift. According to the promo, this database site is better and even more useful than ever. There, you’ll find more than 6,000 magazine listings and the annual fee is only $29.99. Get $10 off by purchasing the 2007 Writer’s Market. You’ll find a $10 discount coupon inside. For more information, is a new magazine designed for women, ages 18 – 35. The purpose is to make women happier and more comfortable during their entire menstrual cycle. How? They recommend mood boosting foods, give suggestions for how women can have more fun and pamper themselves. They provide appropriate tips for each week of a woman’s cycle. With this in mind, they are seeking pitches that fit the woman’s weekly moods. But don’t send them any pitches about hormones. That’s not what this magazine is all about. If you can write 350-550-word articles for this target audience, study the guidelines published at a traveler’s weblog and they are searching for talented writers to add content. Email your credentials to: Visit, for more information. has a new regional editor. Lisa Degliantoni has taken over that job for this new regional magazine. I don’t have any contact information for them, yet, but if you live in El Paso, TX and have something to contribute to this magazine, be sure to pick up a free copy in one of the popular downtown shops or coffee houses and look inside at the masthead for Lisa’s email address or phone number. new editor is Christine Richard. If you have a story related to islands anywhere in the world, and you don’t mind being paid a pretty hefty fee, consider contacting Christine at They pay .50 cents/word and up. Make sure your story idea is well formed. To learn more about this magazine, visit: is the name of a new magazine coming from an old UC Berkeley alumni publication. They’re hoping to create the West Coast equivalent of The New Yorker and The Atlantic. Stay tuned for more information about this unique magazine. has moved to 1722 14th St., Ste. 180, Boulder, CO 80302. If you write about women’s health issues, travel that would be of interest to adventurous women or you have a personal experience to write about, contact the editor at or Check out this magazine at: has moved to 4000 Shoreline Court, Ste. 400, South San Francisco, CA 94080. Contact editor, Erin Whitlock with your ideas. Learn more about the magazine and the submission process at: has been renamed, Motto. Anita Sharpe and Kevin Salwen co-founded Worthwhile and now Motto in order to show people how to be happier at work. If you feel you can contribute to this theme, contact the editors at: The Web site is:, an International magazine is planned. This slick will cover global affairs, culture and fashion. The editor-in-chief is Tyler Brule and Andrew Tuck has been chosen as managing editor. Robyn Holt’s name has also been tossed around as an editorial possibility, so who knows what the masthead will look like when they finally launch next month. In the meantime, there’s no Web site and I could not locate an address. Stay tuned. is a new magazine for and about golfers and golfing in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. According to editor, Angie White, they are seeking freelance writers. Contact her at Visit their Web site at is a new technology magazine based in Canada. Learn more about the magazine at Contact editor, Dave Webb at is new. And they’re all about everything Escondido (California, that is). If you live in or near Escondido and you want to write for this glossy print magazine, contact editor, Joyce Wells at: Web site: is designed to help 11 to 14-year-old girls transition from grammar school into junior high (or middle) school. Their January/February, 2007 issue will be their first. This magazine is so new that, as of this writing, they don’t even have their Web site up and running. Check back at to learn more about their submission policies or contact editor, Angie Rangel at I did communicate with her and she said that they don’t need any articles for 2007. If you want to write for this market, contact Rangel in August for an assignment. is a new magazine coming out of Bullhead City, NV in late January, 2007. Steve Seager, general manager of the parent company, News West, says that this lifestyle magazine will cover the tri state region—CA, AZ and NV and focus on life in the Mojave Desert, along Route 66 and on the banks of the Colorado River. While they are open to submissions, they aren’t saying whether they are a paying market. Desert Currents doesn’t have a Web site, so I suggest contacting associate editor, M.J. Smith for more information. Contact: folds., a magazine that was willing to take on controversial issues, quits after 7 years. published their last issue in October 2006. will fold into W Magazine. will cease producing a print magazine and publish on the web only. quits after a one-year run.has ceased publishing.will no longer be bringing you the best in interior design.has quit closing.