SPAWN Market Update – December 2012


Happy Holidays! We provide many gifts for every member in this issue—from writing and blogging jobs galore to 10 new publishers seeking manuscripts to directories of ebook conversion services and booksellers. Whether you write scripts, poetry, fiction or nonfiction—articles/stories or books, there are many wonderful gifts for you wrapped up in this issue.

Here’s What’s New – New Amazon programs, publishing statistics and cool opportunities.

Opportunities for Freelance Writers – Writing job and blog job boards, writing request for immigrants and more.

Opportunities for Authors – 4 publishers seeking manuscripts, a new manuscript evaluation service and10 brand new publishers to consider.

Book Promotion Opportunities – 6 solid ideas and resources.

Opportunities for Screenwriters – Producers seeking screenplays.

Resources – A directory of ebook conversion services and a directory of booksellers.

Going, going, gone – 5 to report.

Here’s What’s New

Jay Hartman at Untreed Reads has let us know that Apple has announced an expansion of their ibookstores to 18 new countries. If your ebook would sell well in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rico, Chile, Argentina and others, you might want to contact Hartman about his distribution services. now has an ebook area. After just two weeks, they have over 4,500 ebooks available. Learn more at

New mailing address for Flying Pen Press. 1660 Niagara Street, Denver, CO 80220

Amazon is taking Whispercast into the schools. This is a program that allows organizations to distribute and centrally manage the deployment of multiple Kindle devises and the content of those devises. This is for schools, business training workshops and other institutional group settings. This will allow school and business administrators to centrally manage thousands of Kindles and wirelessly distribute Kindle books as well as their own documents to their users.

Did you notice that Amazon Author Central has a new author rank system? And it is supposed to be updated hourly. If you have books for sale at Amazon, check it out here:

155 new magazines were launched in the first nine months of this year. This is up slightly from last year.

The US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics says the magazine industry workforce has diminished by nearly 30% in the last 10 years. The number of publishing companies is around 8,000 now. Can’t find a publisher for your manuscript? You’re not trying hard enough.

Kathy Dawson Books is a new imprint of the Penguin Young Readers Group. They will focus on “emotionally driven” middle grade and young adult fiction.

Opportunities for Freelance Writers

WOW—Women on Writing has a job board. Currently they have about 50 jobs listed for editors, freelance writers, sports writers and more. There are listings for someone who can write seminar descriptions, a research analyst, a senior editor for a photography magazine and even an executive editor for Sunset Magazine. There are jobs available in Dallas; Chicago; Los Angeles; Seattle; Aurora, Colorado; Woburn, Massachusetts and more. Check out this job board here:

Here’s a job site for bloggers. There are postings for tech bloggers, corporate bloggers and bloggers who know about personal finance, fashion, horse-handling, food safety, relationships and more. Pay might range from $15 to $180 per post.

Here are more jobs for bloggers who can write about things automotive, sports, hip hop, travel, being a mom and more. Some blog site hosts are also looking for proofreaders.

Black Lawrence Press is accepting submissions for an anthology of essays by immigrant poets in America. Immigrant poets living in the US are invited to submit essays of between 700 and 5,000 words. You must address one of four themes. Deadline is April 15, 2013. Contact Abayomi Animashaun with your questions:

Make Life Splendid is a new St. Louis-based magazine. While they are asking for ideas for articles, they aren’t coming right out and saying that they use freelance articles. Perhaps if you come up with a solid theme and good sources, you’ll get an assignment.

Here’s a new regional specialty magazine. Carolina Hoofbeats is designed for horse enthusiasts throughout North Carolina.

White Cat Publications is seeking submissions for four new magazines, in particular Nightfall (dark fiction) and Dark Intent (mystery fiction). They don’t pay much, but they do pay. Their submission guidelines rotate across their home page—go there and watch for it:

Opportunities for Authors

Have you heard about Grub Street Reads? It’s now Compulsion Reads. Two professional women writers came together to finally provide standards for indie and self-published books. Jessica Bennett and Leslie Ramey created Grub Street Reads as an evaluation service for authors who hope to successfully publish their books. If your book meets their requirements, they may feature it at their site. According to Jessica, “With so many authors seeking to self-publish, we feel it is imperative to develop a basic quality standard for the indie book market. We believe that our endorsement will help shine the spotlight on talented authors and great books and will encourage readers to try new indie authors.” She says that their evaluation system is pretty simple and is based on fundamental standards of good storytelling, like well-developed characters, strong pacing, logical plot, few grammatical errors, etc. She says, “Those who meet our endorsement standards receive our endorsement seal, which they can put on the cover of their book.” They also offer as marketing support. They will also offer reviews for their endorse authors.

How does it work? They charge authors a submission fee based on the length of the manuscript. And they only accept fiction and creative non-fiction manuscripts. Check it out and see what you think:

By Light, Unseen Media is seeking vampire fiction—word count between 75,000 and 150,000. Query first at: or POB 1233, Pepperell, MA 01463.

Black Oak Media is now accepting submissions. If you have good fiction or nonfiction manuscript for adults or young adults between 35,000 and 95,000 words, Michael Kleen at Black Oak Media might be interested. They offer 12% royalty, 10 free copies of your book and a 40% discount for additional copies ordered by the author. Check guidelines at

Foreword Reviews is gearing up for their Book of the Year Awards. This prestigious contest is for indie and self-published books only, as well as books from some university presses. You’d better enter soon as the winners will be announced in April of 2013.

Deadly Ink, publisher of mysteries, thrillers and detective stories, was on hiatus for several months. Publisher (and long-time SPAWN member) Debby Buchanan announces that they are back and ready to produce some quality books. Study the website: Contact Debby at

Mundania is currently seeking manuscripts of 30,000 to 120,000 words related to urban fantasy, paranormal romance, horror, science fiction, fantasy. They do not want to see unsolicited young adult manuscripts at this time. If your book has a strong erotic nature, send it to Mundania’s imprint, They are not interested in previously published works. Check out submission guidelines here

Have you considered that it might be easier to break into some of the newer publishers on the block than those that have been in business for eons? Here are a few you might check out:

Angoor Press began publishing in 2010. They publish poetry, fiction and nonfiction that fits into the theme of “inspired Christian living.” They especially want to see contemporary culture and Catholic religious themes. Submission guidelines here:

Martin Sisters Publishing was established in 2011 in order to publish quite a wide array of fiction and nonfiction books. Their fiction books include young adult, suspense, science fiction, sports, juvenile, humor, military and mystery. If you have a nonfiction manuscript with a cooking, education, gardening, house and home, language, psychology, spiritual or western theme, Martin Sisters might be interested.

Waltsan Publishing came into being in 2010. They are interested in all fiction and nonfiction topics, according to their guidelines. And they also publish poetry. Their submission guidelines are specific and should be followed. The first thing the editors want to see from you is a well-written, succinct query letter that effectively represents your book idea.

Nortia Press began publishing in 2009. They are open to many nonfiction topics, including business, ethnic, health, medicine, memoirs, religion, science, sex and women’s issues and studies. They also publish comic books as well as literary and historical fiction. They don’t want to see vampire stories, science fiction or erotica. They prefer working with established authors.

Bobo Strategy opened its doors in 2008 and currently publishes up to five titles per year. They publish quite a variety of nonfiction and a few types of fiction, including short story collections.

New Libri Press came into being in 2011. They publish poetry, nonfiction and fiction and will consider a wide range of topics. This might be a good place to pitch your book on environmental issues, your hobby, your travel manual or your creative nonfiction.

Arkham Bridge Publishing started in 2009 for the purpose of publishing both nonfiction and fiction. They are eager to receive any and all topics and encourage you to send the complete manuscript. Topics include fantasy, multicultural, mystery, occult, romance, short story collection, erotica, lesbian and more.

Bailiwick Press was established in 2009 in order to produce books and other products that inspire and tell great stories. According to their submissions page, “We are now considering submissions, agented and unagented, for children’s and young adult fiction. We’re looking for smart, funny, and layered writing that kids will clamor for.” Read their submission guidelines here and you will learn that they do not want to receive unsolicited manuscripts. Fill out their submissions form.

Brick Road Poetry Press has been publishing nothing but poetry since 2009. They have some pretty definite guidelines, so be sure to check them out at

Untreed Reads Publishing is only three years old. You’ve heard from them quite often if you’ve been reading this newsletter, SPAWNews and tapping into SPAWNDiscuss. Jay Hartman is always on the lookout for poetry collections, fiction and nonfiction on many subjects. Learn more here:

Book Promotion Opportunities

Have you heard of the Author Marketing Club ( Jim Kukral came up with the idea for a marketing club for authors less than a year ago and he already has over four thousand members. What is the premise? For authors to help other authors learn how to promote their books. Kukral provides book marketing opportunities, such as inviting you to play your book trailer at the site, arranging for book reviews for member authors and providing webinars for members on topics related to book promotion and marketing.

LoveReading is seeking books to review. They bill themselves as a free site that helps you find your next book. But we don’t necessarily want to find our next book, we want our books to be featured. So I wrote to Louise Weir, the Director and co-founder of Lovereading,ltd. She said that you should submit your titles that you would like to see featured on their site via their email newsletter. Sign up here:  Learn more about this service here: To contact Ms. Weir,

There’s a site that promotes books on Kindle. If your book is on Kindle, you can submit it to It is considered a great website for marketing and connecting with readers.

Here’s something all authors should take a look at. A recent poll says that 40% of respondents say that speaking and teaching engagements were the most effective method of selling books. This seems to me to be a good opportunity to mention my latest book because it guides you through the complex, yet fascinating and fun process of engaging your readers in the most personal ways. Talk Up Your Book, How to Sell Your Book Through Public Speaking, Interviews, Signings, Festivals, Conferences and More is available at the author’s website: and at Amazon and other online and downtown bookstores. Soon to be on Kindle and other ereaders.

Here’s a directory of indie book review blogs. If you are seeking reviewers that don’t charge for reviews, you might want to check this out.

Do you have ebooks and other materials related to the theme of your book(s) for sale? You might want to offer them for free in order to attract your potential customers to your website. Or offer them at other sites such as, or or

Opportunities for Screenwriters

InkTip recently listed several calls for scripts. For example, 33 Degrees Entertainment is seeking a completed feature-length family comedy featuring Indian characters. Redwire Pictures would like to see a completed feature-length script with a lead character who overcomes obstacles to follow his dream. This would be similar to Moneyball or Pursuit of Happyness. Do you have a script in a present day setting with a bank robbery or a completed comedy set in the world of minor league baseball? First of all, you should be subscribing to InkTip’s newsletter at Here’s where you go to check out these opportunities:

Resources for Authors

Are you seeking an ebook conversion service? Here’s a directory of such services.

Here’s a directory of booksellers

Going, going, Gone

Menswear is no longer publishing.

Latitudes and Attitudes has closed

Uncorked has ceased publishing

Smooth Wine Buyers’ Guide has gone out of business

Hemmings Classic Wheels is no longer publishing