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The mystery of getting a book in front of legitimate reviewers baffles most indie authors.

  • Where do I find these people?
  • What do I present to them?
  • Do I send a print book or e-book?

Feature your book in the new service from SPAWN

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Deadline for first issue is March 15, 2017

Launching March 25, the newsletter will go out every two months to over 1,000 book reviewers and book bloggers. The reviewer list is pulled from Cision, the premiere online media database company that updates its media lists daily and includes top publications, online and broadcast resources like NPR, daily and weekly newspapers that publish book reviews, and a host of freelancers and bloggers who review books.

Each participating author should submit up to a 75-word description of the book that starts with a catchy log line such as appears in The New York Times Book Review or online at Kirkus Reviews. A log lines is the concise one-sentence description of a book, usually seen at the top of the review. We want these descriptions to sound professional and grab reviewers.

Along with the description, please submit an image of the book cover and a link for reviewers to use if they want a print or e-book version. Since many authors don’t have reviewer pages on their website for downloading e-books or requesting a printed book, this is included in the service.

You can view a sample of this style page at Password is 2016BooksKKA (case sensitive)

The design of these two pages is included in the fee and will remain on the site for six months after final publication of newsletter.

Fee and how to participate in the New Releases from… newsletter

Option One: $250 for one book description and cover plus the links for reviewers to download, which includes all three e-formats, and downloadable cover image and media kit (if available.)

Option Two: $400 for two editions with the download features.

The New Releases from… newsletter goes out every two months. The first edition is scheduled for March 25, 2017. This service is open for all books published within the last year. Deadline for participation in the first issue is March 15, 2017. If publishers want to use this as an author service, a special price and publisher page for their own books can be created.

Contact Kathleen Kaiser at for details.


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