Linda Formichelli’s New Book


Linda FormichelliLinda Formichelli has a new book out. It’s a fun read because it encourages you to go against the crowd. Here’s her description of it:

Why You Should Be Completely Bonkers, Nutso, and Bats&^% Crazy Strive to be exceptional…work to improve your life…refuse to settle…and people will think you’re freaking insane.

“Normal” humans, at least here in America, are overweight. Working a job they don’t love. Watching hours of TV in a stupor every night and complaining that they don’t have the time to pursue their passions. Rushing from one obligation to another until they fall into bed, exhausted—so they can do it all over again the next day.

If you refuse to accept this status quo, you’re called nuts, crazy, obsessed, an overachiever, eccentric. Or odd, at the very least. This is a sad state of affairs. If it’s insane to want to live your best life, then everyone should be cuckoo.

The Crackpot Code is all about breaking out of the muck of “just okay” (or even “pretty terrible”) to achieve happiness, passion, joy, and excitement in your life. The steps to ditching normal so you can live your best life, which we’ll go over in detail, are Discard, Pause, Ask, Experiment, and Re-aim & Repeat.

Warning: If you follow these steps, some people will think you’re touched in the head. That’s okay. If it helps you overcome the fear of being called crazy, consider that once you’ve achieved your best life, you’ll be able to inspire and help others escape “meh” as well.

Look for it on Amazon.


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