Jennifer Givner/Acapella Book Cover Design


Jennifer Givner

Book Cover Designer

Acapella Book Cover Design

Jennifer has been designing eye-catching print and ebook covers for over 15 years. Her covers have been featured in Time Magazine, Wired Magazine, NPR, SiriusXM, WOAI radio, Jerry Butler Show, and Inside Sports Fishing magazine.

She has designed covers for Flawed by Michael Fowlkes, The
Vein to the Heart by C. P. Holsinger, The Bracelet by Charles A.
Bonner, McHenry’s Bride by Sharon Viola, Pipe Dreams by Ciby Emrie,
Lizbeth by Ellen Cummins, Sweet Blood by Jacqueline Mary Piepenhagen,
Front Row Center by Cynthia B. Ainsworthe, To Know You is to Love You
by G. E. Stills, Sleep Traveler by Marcus Hame, Beatcop by  by Jack R.
Lundquist, Vicecop by Jack R. Lundquist, Paragons Anthology, Double
Dip Penguin Surprise by Carol Givner, Double Dip Penguin Surprise the
Coloring Book by Jennifer Givner, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Asks Ilse:
An Adviser’s Guide to a Confident Experience by Ilse Wolf, and A
Teenagers Guide to the World of Metaphysics by Dr. Gary M. Levin.