From the Executive Director January 2015

Kathleen Kaiser SPAWN Executive Director

Kathleen Kaiser
SPAWN Executive Director

The New Year brings opportunity. Forget the resolutions none of us will follow, and think about long-term goals. The small steps mean the most in achieving what you want in life; no one rose immediately to the top of the heap. Anyone who is an “overnight success” has a long story of how he or she worked to finally make it. Even young people who succeed have put in time since their teens.

So what do you want to achieve this year? Don’t aim too high, but never too low, either; neither will get you where you want to be. For authors, maybe it’s not hitting the bestseller list, but it might be getting a book finally published. For small publishers, it may be getting your catalog of books into a greater number of independent bookstores. Whatever your goal for the year, start now with a list of steps that build to your final resolution.

I’ve worked in many industries and found one axiom to be true—those with a plan succeed, and those without rarely do. You need a map to find where you are going, and that’s a plan–simple steps that must be accomplished and lead to the next steps. Looking at a project can often be overwhelming, but it’s really not if you break the steps down and go through them one by one.

Or you could find the next grumpy cat and become an overnight YouTube millionaire.


PS: Hope you like our new SPAWN logo, designed by Tamara Dever.


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