From the Editor October 2015


sparkle-300x215This month we’re talking about collaborative writing. How do you write with a partner without killing him? There are many ways to do it; two people write as one author, alternating chapters or characters. When one writes fast and the other slow, how does it go? What if one person writes about a real person (although dead) and the other about fictional characters? How does it all blend seamlessly into a cohesive book? We have two articles below that answer those burning questions. Mary Lee Woods and Anita Carter, who co-author the Pampered Pets Mystery Series, explain how they each write an entire book, but it’s still a collaborative effort. Barb Hunter and Catina Williams have a different method.

Next month we’ll hear from a woman who wrote not just a cookbook, but the story of her married life as a “green” advocate, mixed with recipes and beautiful photos. December’s topic will be How To Write a Thriller (cue the theatric music).

Don’t miss Patricia Fry’s webinar with Brian Jud on October 8. It’s called “How to Craft a Persuasive Book Proposal for Any Genre or Topic”, based on her latest book. Details below in the Opportunities section.

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