From the Editor June 2017


Email InboxIs your inbox overflowing? Can you find an email when you need it? It’s in there somewhere and the search option won’t always cooperate. Barbara Florio Graham explains how she keeps her emails in line.

Bobbi Christmas says there is such a thing as a good rejection. Really? Yes, if you use the rejection as a learning tool. Did the letter say they don’t take unagented work? Read the submission guideline more carefully. Compliments often spur new ideas, so pay close attention. And if “it’s not right for us at this time,” that may mean they’d take another look later.

Sabrina Ricci has three tips if you are considering freelance writing. The independence and freedom come with certain responsibilities. But if you like making your own hours, this could be the work for you.

Since summer is vacation and travel time for a lot of people, look for ideas for articles as you cover the miles. Is there an unusual destination? What about travel with kids? How do you balance visiting the parents and in-laws with a getaway trip for your own family? And what about a getaway trip just for the adults—who take care of the kids? The possibilities are endless, from the food to the housing to the music. Take notes, relax, and refresh and you’ll be able to face the blank page when you return home. Remember to take high-resolution photos to go with the article. Many publications pay extra for those.

We have some great articles lined up for this year and are always looking for more to coordinate or contrast with what we have so far. Suggestions are still welcome! What would you like to learn? See more of or less? Feedback is essential, so send a note to and let us know.

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