Every Trick in the Book Free Webinar


·          Are you ready to start—and finish—your book?

·          Do you need to write a book to boost your career or reach a goal?

·          Are you eager for expert coaching to achieve a fast start and a strong finish?

That’s what you’ll get when you attend our FREE online workshop, Every Trick in the Book: How to start your book fast and finish strong to boost your career—and even change the world!

We’ve experienced every pitfall of writing books—procrastination, self doubt, and wondering who in the world is going to read our book. We know all about tuning out the cranky voice of the inner critic. We’ve been there with our own books or the 100+ books we’ve helped people start, finish, and publish. (Learn more about Lynda McDaniel and Virginia McCullough.)

·          We’ll show you how to make procrastination a thing of the past and help you start writing faster, stronger, better.

·          You’ll discover ways to kick-start your creativity and even draw inspiration from your favorite authors.

·          You’ll start writing and keep writing every day until your book is finished. 

Saturday, March 10, 11am CT

No cost to attend.

Learn more: http://www.afcbw.com/webinars/every-trick-in-the-book-free-webinar/
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You’ll learn our Seven-step Methodfor writing powerful books,including how to:

1. Avoid the biggest writing error (almost) every writer makes every day.
Write in your sleep! (No kidding! We’ll share the science behind this amazing writing technique.)
3. Double your writing speed in five easy steps.

4. Tap into powerful ideas and solutions you didn’t even know you had. (Many thanks to the brain scientists who have discovered how this works!)

5. Imitate writers you love to achieve your own successful book.

6. Take breaks! This is the best technique. You’ll love how much fun this is and how it helps you write faster, stronger, better.
7. Polish to perfection before publication. Learn ways to take your manuscript to the next level.

Everyone who attends our no-cost webinar receives a free copy of our popular reports:
Ten Myths Keeping You From Becoming a Powerful Writer from Lynda. Finally get rid of those old ideas so you can deliver business writing that rocks!
2.  Thoughts on the Creative Life, a collection of inspiring and informative essays from Virginia.