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Elizabeth is the author of 15 titles (books and screenplays), certified teacher, business consultant, nationally-certified manager of program improvement and licensed and ordained minister. She has been writing for 40 years. Her company, FM Publishing, has been in business since 2009 and has published over 60 fiction and nonfiction titles for general and faith-based audiences. Their titles include, “Tournament Poker Strategies for Donkeys,” “Original Oatmeal Cookbook,” Mark N. Green My James Dean,” The Glass Pedestal” and “Rachel’s Easter Vacation in Mexico.” FM Publishing accepts manuscripts from new and seasoned writers for publication consideration. Elizabeth’s book titles include, “Spiritual Cosmetics for the Soul” (devotional,) “The Last Visitor,” (historical fiction), “Being a Well Body of Believers” (nonfiction), “This Hill I Climb” (poetry), “Driving Tips for BOOHs (Bats Out of Hell)” (satire), “Why I Should Hate Men, But Don’t” (nonfiction), and “Will Work for Food, Family & Freedom” (nonfiction).