Editor’s Note May 2016


Final coverThis month we’re talking about how to do it all—write, self-publish, promote, and still have a life. Linda Formichelli’s new book shows you the way. She says stress is not a bad thing, doing too much might just be enough, and finding what’s the most important to you in your life as well as where you want to go and how to get there should be at the top of your list. It’s a long article, but should answer any questions you might have about going full-tilt at self-publishing. The new book is How to Do It All: The Revolutionary Plan to Create a Full, Meaningful Life—While Only Occasionally Wanting to Poke Your Eyes Out With a Sharpie.

Last year, Linda wrote Commit: How to Blast Through Problems & Reach Your Goals Through Massive Action. That’s the approach she took for her new book—take everything you know and everything you have access to and use it all to get the results you want. This may be more than you can or are willing to do, but her article breaks down all the actions she took. She wrote the book about three times, hired a publicist, a cover designer, layout people, and more. The cost to the penny is included.

In upcoming issues, look for topics on travel writing, why to hire a PR person, what agents are looking for, how to combine history, nature, and fiction for kids, why coloring books are booming, taking great photos, and how to use real-life experiences to write non-fiction and to add color to fiction.

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Sandy, Editor, SPAWNews


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