Editor’s Note August 2017


Which is the best way for an editor to see your work? In an electronic file or on printed pages? Bobbie Christmas says it depends; check the Book Doctor column for details. Also included is part two of her “Bill of Writes” for writers.

Barbara Florio Graham offers more tips on organizing the paper on your desk and the messages on your computer. It’s an article I certainly need to study!

Ivor Davis reports on a trip to his first children’s book conference, SCBWI. He learned writers have no say about the illustrations in their books, that it’s impossible to attend all the workshops you want to, and what it looks like when 500 adults do the Hokey-Pokey. For a fun and informative read, be sure to check out his article.

Leann Garms explains the mysteries of PR and press releases, where to learn more, and how to use what you’ve learned.

Jerry Jenkins says there are twenty steps to writing a book, from assembling your pen and paper to the chair you sit in while writing. You’ll see more of his tips in coming months.

I’ll add more resources, so if you have one that’s been of help, pass the information along, please. Member News will now be called Success Stories, which is a much more accurate title.

We have some great articles lined up for the rest of this year and are always looking for more. What would you like to learn? See more of or less? Feedback is essential, so send a note to editor@spawn.org and let us know.

Sandy, Editor, SPAWNews



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