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Denise Fleck


Sunny-dog Ink

Denise Fleck established Sunny-dog Ink in 1999 to help people help their pets!  She
developed her own Pet First-Aid & CPR curriculum as well as classes in
Pet Disaster Preparedness, Senior Pet Care and a 5 month long Animal
Care course for high school students in conjunction with the Burbank
Unified School District.  To complement her teachings, Denise created
a line of Pet First-Aid Kits, posters and books for children teaching
them animal respect and care in an entertaining format with much more
to come!
Title(s) of book(s) she has authored, designed, illustrated, and/or
published: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover
Pet First Aid for Kids
How to Take Care of Your Dog or Puppy
Dog First Aid & CPR
How to Take Care of Your Cat or Kitten
Cat First Aid & CPR