Contribute to a Novel


Opportunity for Writers from SPAWN member Raven West

Be a contributing author to the sequel to Red Wine for Breakfast for only $2.99!

Bourbon for Brunch takes place 25 years after Red Wine for Breakfast ended and follows the story of the two main characters, Jenny Reed and Johnny King. The main plot involves political corruption, with several subplots, including volatile relationships, legal manipulation, and power struggles in a small northern California community. All of which follow wherever the consensus of the contributing authors decides!

Here’s how it works:

1. Buy the Kindle e-book Red Wine for Breakfast for $2.99.

2. Copy and email your receipt to

3. You will then receive confirmation email that you’re now a member of the BourbonforBrunch yahoo e-group. Hit the “join” link in the email and you’ll be automatically added as a member of the group as a contributing author. (This is a CLOSED group. Membership is by invitation only)

4. Beginning May 1, the first chapter will be posted to the Files section of the e-group and you will receive an email announcing that the project has begun.

5. A new poll with three possible scenarios for the next chapter will be posted on Friday, May 5, at noon (PST) and every subsequent Friday following, and will close on Sunday at midnight. The results of the poll will be posted on Monday.

6. A new chapter based on the scenario with the most votes will be available to read on Friday in the Files Section, followed by a new poll for the following week.

7. There will also be a discussion board for contributing authors to discuss the novel’s progress, make suggestions and comments. These may or may not be incorporated in the final manuscript.

8. Authors can join at any time until the book is finished, but polls on previous chapters will be closed. The process will continue until the novel is finished (approximately three months).

9. All members of the Bourbon for Brunch e-group will be listed as contributing authors in the final published work. This will include being listed on major bookseller sites such as, Nookpress, Smashwords, etc. Bios and links to published works, websites, blogs, etc. will be included for all contributing authors.

10. Contributing authors will also receive a FREE e-book and one FREE signed hard copy of the published novel.