Author Jennifer Armentrout Wants to Help Aspiring Writers

An innovate contest!

For the last three years, YA and adult romance author Jennifer Armentrout has run a contest to send one unpublished author to the RT Booklovers Convention. For Armentrout, the convention is an important one for aspiring writers. There are “awesome networking opportunities. They bring out a substantial amount of authors and agents and editors. It’s a good way to get your face in front of editors and agents,” she said. Read more…

Seven Myths of Book Publicity

by Dan Smith

There are many misconceptions about book publicity and book marketing; some are from a lack of knowledge and understanding, and some from outdated advice that no longer apply to today’s market.

Here are a few common myths I see in the current publishing and book marketing landscape:

  1. Radio interviews don’t sell books — Well, to be sure, radio interviews certainly don’t always sell books, but they often do—sometimes many. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen credited radio interviews for selling tens of thousands of books when their famous Chicken Soup for the Soul series first launched. It depends on the topic and the skill of the guest being interviewed. Also, radio interviews follow what I call a “cumulative effect.” Put simply, the more you do, the more you will start to see books move. Picture a map on your wall, and pins stuck in the location of every interview you complete. The more pins on that map, the more likely you’ll see a cumulative effect. That momentum moves books.
  2. Book sales are all that matter in book publicity –Well, this may depend on the author, but now more than ever, media coverage provides a number of additional benefits, some much more lucrative than the profits from book sales.

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Marketing Expert Penny Sansevieri

Marketing Expert Penny Sansevieri has a number of very useful and informative posts on Huffington Post.  Some of her most recent that will help any book campaign include:

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Getting Influencers to Notice You

Why Marketing Metrics Don’t Always Matter

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Penny has been posting since 2009. Check out her more recent stories if you want to sell more books!

A Self-Published Sleeper: Author of ‘The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep’ Speaks About His 7-figure deal with Random House

The originally self-published Swedish children’s book The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep may seem to be an overnight sensation, but its success, claims author Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin, is actually the result of a slow build over roughly five years. According to Ehrlin, the sudden spike in international sales for the book—which Random House Children’s Books bought for seven figures in August and released on Friday—is thanks to a perfect storm: word-of mouth praise driven by e-book giveaways, coupled with Amazon U.K. providing entrée to consumer media once the self-published book had taken off. Read more…

Ebooks change the game for both backlist and export

By Mike Shatzkin

There are two aspects of the business that ebooks should really change.

One is that ebooks can really enable increases in sales of the backlist.

The other is that ebooks will really enable sales outside the publisher’s home territory.

The second piece of this hardly even requires much effort. At a conference called Camp Coresource hosted by Ingram two weeks ago, Mary Cummings of Diversion Books, which last year launched a romance-only eBookstore app, EverAfter Romance, reported just short of half of EverAfter’s app users are coming from outside the “home” (US) market. Of that 49 percent, only about 6 percent come from the UK and Canada.

Of course, Diversion owns world rights on many titles. And the rest of the world has far more than half the people, even far more than half the English speakers, in the world. So the US is still responsible for far more users per capita, but that’s really of secondary importance. Getting half one’s customers from markets that would have been very hard to reach ten years ago — without any extraordinary efforts — is a very new thing. Read more…

Consortium Announces Seven New Publishers for Distribution

Cosortium Book Sales & Distribution, member of the Perseus Books Group, announced seven new publishers for the Spring 2016 season. All seven presses begin distribution with Consortium on January 1, 2016, with the exception of Unfiltered Media, whom Consortium began distributing in August.

New publishers also include:

  • 2dcloud
  • ChiZine Publications
  • Daylight Books
  • Fabled Films Press
  • Garnet Publishing
  • NubeOcho

Author Earnings October 2015 Apple, B&N, Kobo, and Google: a look at the rest of the ebook market

Amazon makes up a higher percentage of the total US ebook market than the oft-cited 65% figure: when indie books without ISBNs are included in the statistics, Amazon accounts for 74% of all US ebook purchases and 71% of all US consumer dollars spent on ebooks.

Outside of, 4 other major online retailers comprise nearly the entirety of the remaining 26% of the US ebook market: the Apple iBookstore, the Barnes & Noble Nook store, the Kobo US bookstore, and GooglePlay Books.

At those 4 other stores, self-published indie ebooks make up 22% of all ebooks purchases and take in 32% of all author income generated by ebook sales.

Between 14% and 25% of all ebooks sold at Apple, Nook, and Kobo store lack Bowker-issued International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs).

In total, more than 33% of all ebooks sold in the US each year have no ISBN.

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