The Best of FundsforWriters From C. Hope Clark

Thirty-two essays and how-to strategies on topics like Essays, Quitting the Day Job, What to Do with Short Stories, and Braving the School Appearance. Practical pieces like Tactics & Tips Selling Your Books on Consignment, What to Do When Your Work is Stolen, and On Being a Travel Writer for AAA. Something for every writer….and something for you.

“FundsforWriters helps writers achieve more success with their writing by finding and sharing the information that writers need to fund their writing.” Robert Lee Brewer, Editor Writer’s Market.

FundsForWriters is the free version of Clark’s newsletter. Total FundsForWriters is the paid version that has more content. Contests, grants, higher-paying opportunities can be found in both issues, but the paid version takes it a step further with venues that pay at least 10 cents a word or $200 an article. The cost is $18.75 for issues that arrive every two weeks.

Creative Insider

Carrie Aulenbacher, romance writer, encourages writers to talk about difficult experiences. She challenges them to explore how it helped them evolve and grow as a method for resonating with readers.

She says “If you know of creatives working hard on a special project, let me know so I can cheer them on and share news about them here in the Creative Insider! Subscribers will get my Creative Resource Kit as a free gift; it will be full of freebies and online tools you can use now to help you polish your own creative blog or marketing campaign.”

Her latest fiction is a novella, The Place Between Places, available at Amazon for digital download at 99 cents.

50 Ways to Build Your Freelance Writing Business Today — No Matter How Much Time You Have

Sign up for a free copy of a writer’s checklist: 50 Ways to Build Your Freelance Writing Business Today — No Matter How Much Time You Have. This checklist offers up 50 actions you can take, divided by how much time they take. Find the right section, depending on the time you have available, randomly choose one of the actions, and do it.