The Anatomy of an Article

by Patricia Fry

Many eager writers develop their first few articles based mainly on what they want to say. They have a story to tell, a point to make or a gripe to air, and they do so with little regard for the reader.

It’s wonderful to be dedicated to your topic, but it’s also important to connect with your audience. If your article or story isn’t presented in an organized manner, readers will not receive your message. Continue reading

How to Write a Promotional Article

By Patricia Fry

Are you seeking publicity for your book, your business or a favorite cause? Advertise your project or company for free through magazine articles. Yes, FREE. In fact, you may even earn a little money. Most magazines pay anywhere from $50 to $1000 for a feature article.

An article offers greater exposure than an ad because people will actually read an article that relates to a topic of interest to them. Here are some tips and techniques for producing successful promotional articles: Continue reading

Writing the Feature Article

By Wendy Dager

While straight news is as essential as your morning coffee, the feature article is there to shed light on a serious issue that needs attention. A feature article can also be a human interest story that’s heartwarming, tragic, or just plain entertaining. This is true of both magazine and newspaper features.

In writing features, I’ve covered a variety of topics, met some interesting and truly gorgeous and brilliant people, and learned to write what I believe is the purest form of creative nonfiction, the feature article. I’ve done celebrity profiles, fashion news, and author interviews. I’ve also written health, home and food (my favorite!) features. Continue reading

How to Write for the Regionals

Copyright 2003 Patricia Fry

If you’re like most freelance writers, you submit articles to national magazines and you query the editors of special interest journals, but you don’t pursue regional publications. Do you have any idea what you’re missing by not exploring the regional market?

Writer’s Market has nearly 50 pages of regional magazine or about 150 listings. Altogether, regional magazines publish approximately 5,000 articles per year and they pay anywhere from $25 to $5,000 per article with the average in the $300-$500 range. And there are always new regional magazines cropping up. We featured almost 20 new ones in the SPAWN Market Update during 2002. Continue reading

The Seven Vital Elements of a Successful Nonfiction Book Proposal

© 1996 Mary Embree

Whether you have already written a nonfiction book or are contemplating writing one you will need to know what it takes to sell it. A book proposal can be prepared no matter what stage of writing you are currently in. In fact, the preparation of a book proposal is recommended even before you start writing because it can become a guide to the process, an outline for your book and a checklist of what your book should contain in order to have a chance for success. Continue reading