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From Susan Daffron

by Susan Daffron, author of the Alpine Grove romantic comedy series, the Jennings and O’Shea novels, and former president of SPAWN

People often ask how I write novels but almost no one asks why. I mean, let’s face it—unless you’re JK Rowling, being a writer doesn’t tend to be incredibly lucrative. But with the state of the world as it is today, I confess that writing has become an escape for me. In my novels, white supremacists aren’t killing people in the streets, elected officials are capable of speaking in complete sentences, intelligence isn’t a sin, and people care about nature and the planet we inhabit. Continue reading

New From Rootstock Publishing

Rootstock Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Whole Worlds Could Pass Away: Collected Stories by Vermont author and journalist, Rickey Gard Diamond. Her stories are at once familiar and startling, grounded in remarkable everyday experiences as well as in the raw and dreadful.

Published in a range of journals and magazines like The Sewanee Review, Plainswoman, Other Voices, The Louisville Review, and Trivia, Diamond’s characters and settings resonate with a language and voice uniquely her own. These eleven stories from Bears to Worms reveal a common thread in our collective and inner lives.

Her forthcoming book, Screwnomics: How Our Economy Works Against Women and What We Can Do to Make Real and Lasting Change (She Writes Press, April 2018), illustrated by cartoonist Peaco Todd, reframes the unspoken economic theory that women should always work for less—or better, for free.

C. Hope Clark’s Latest Book

C. Hope Clark’s latest book, Edisto Stranger, the fourth in the popular Edisto Island mysteries, was issued in May. She’s also written three Carolina Slade mysteries and updated The Shy Writer Reborn, a book for introverts who still need to meet the public to promote their work.

She has stories in eleven anthologies including the Chicken Soup books, and publishes two newsletters: FundsForWriters and Total FundsForWriters. See the details on the newsletters in the Resources section.


SPAWN News Editor’s New Story Collection

Sandra Murphy’s collection of ten short stories is out! It’s called From Hay to Eternity; Ten Tales of Crime and Deception. Available at the publisher, Untreed Reads, Amazon, and the usual outlets, formatted for all ereaders and PDF. Print to follow.

The description says:

To the moon and back, here are ten tales with a twist. The unlikely characters have one thing in common: they’re ready and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. As the old saying goes, you have to watch out for the quiet ones.

From a quirky inventor, humored by his neighbors, to two old men out to dinner, to a more-than-meets-the-eye beverage maker, the stories will take you into the minds of the overlooked and unseen. Ignore them at your own risk.

New Klepto Cat Mystery

Patricia Fry, former Director of SPAWN, has published her twenty-third Klepto Cat Mystery, Cattywampus Travels. She has also produced her first audio book on Amazon and iTunes.

Catnapped, Book One in the Klepto Cat Mystery series, has been completely revised and is now available as an audio book narrated by voiceover professional, Dena Dahilig.

More Good News!!
Three new books published this year!
Book 21—Merriment, Mayhem, and Meows (January)
Book 22—A Christmas to Purr About (March)
Book 23—Cattywampus Travels (May)

Coming in July:
Book 24—Cats in the Belfry
Coming in the Fall:
Book 25—(No title yet)

BONUS —we have a great NEW website designed by Virginia Lawrence, Cognitext.

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