Crunching the Numbers. or How Many Books Did I Sell?

Patricia Fryby Patricia Fry

I get requests for interviews from newspaper reporters and radio show hosts to talk about my venture into fiction writing after writing nonfiction for so long. I know how important it is to give real sales figures, so I took time to go over all of my carefully compiled statements at Amazon. To date, I’ve sold over 40,000 Kindle copies of the Klepto Cat Mysteries and given away an additional 12,000 Kindle editions during the promotions Amazon offers authors. Continue reading

Writing Can Be a Hobby. Publishing Must Be a Business.

Tammy Ditmore

Tammy Ditmore

by Tammy Ditmore

That was the underlying message of speaker after speaker at the Independent Book Publishing Association’s Publishing University 2015. In large-group presentations, small-group breakout sessions, and one-on-one conversations, the stark realities of successful book publishing were revealed. Although topics varied widely—book sales analytics, printing options, copyright laws, marketing options, distribution contracts—the ultimate lesson remained the same: successful book publishing requires knowledge, planning, and hard work. Continue reading

SPAWN’s Representative Tammy Ditmore Going to IBPA’s Publishing University

Tammy Ditmore

Tammy Ditmore

I’m looking forward to soaking up some wisdom at the Independent Book Publishing Association’s Publishing University in Austin, Texas, this month. Attending this annual conference will give me a chance to learn from some of the most successful writers, publishers, marketers, and distributors in the world of independent publishing.

Because I’ve been awarded the SPAWN affiliate scholarship for the April 10–11 event, I feel I represent all SPAWN members this year. I’m looking forward to sharing all the tips, tricks, and information that I can gather at PubU, an annual meeting that focuses on issues important to indie publishers and self-publishing authors. Continue reading

How a Contest Judge Views a Book

releaseyourwritingby Helen Gallagher

Literary merit is a core requirement for any prize-winning book.

After succeeding as an author, book reviewer, and publishing consultant, I was pleased to be asked to participate as a judge in a book contest for the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA:

If you are or have been given this honor, it is a big responsibility and a whole lot of fun. Each judge must critique the contest entries on a long list of factors, not limited to content, accuracy, editing, and design. Continue reading