The Pros of PR Pros: Four Things a Public Relations Professional Can Do to Promote Your Business and Ultimately Sell Your Work

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAkdAAAAJDM2MDI4YjA3LTFiODMtNDliMC1hZTk3LTIyNzliMGVhMGNkNwby Katie Miller, The Vandiver Group, St. Louis

Public relations is a strategic communications process in which a certified company or individual is responsible for creating and maintaining the public image, branding, external and internal communications, and networking of a client. The public relations field is extremely diverse, so a professional can provide services that will fit the needs and goals of any project, no matter the client. From managing the image of major corporations with crisis plans and media relations, to managing the needs of smaller companies and individuals with branding and social media, there is a benefit to every business. By using the services of a PR pro, you gain a teammate who is passionate about your short-term and long-term success. Continue reading

How Publicists Help Creative People

tina-mosetisby Tina Mosetis

A publicist can help an author get media attention, set up book signings, arrange for speaking engagements, set up business networking opportunities, and much more. Having a publicist represent you is the most professional and effective way to promote your work. The media expects authors, artists, actors, and other talent to have a publicist. When determining what publicist would be best, it is important to have a good conversation to learn about how many years of experience the publicist has and how creative he or she is in terms of seeking all the various angles to pursue to put the spotlight on your work. Continue reading

My Path to Publishing—Creating a Brand

ChrisSantellaby Chris Santella

In 1989, a close friend and I had a notion for a golf book that would highlight fifty of the best public courses in America. We wrote a detailed proposal, and somehow secured a reputable agent…or so we thought. The project went nowhere, and our agent finally informed us that no one was interested in such a book. Two years later, while perusing golf books in a local bookstore, I came across a title on public golf courses. In the acknowledgements, the author thanked his agent, who happened to be our agent, for the great idea! Continue reading

Tips to Put Pizzazz in Your Pitch—Getting Radio Hosts So Excited They Demand You!

Jackie-Lapin-headshot300-272x300by Jackie Lapin, founder of Conscious Media Relations

The nice thing about radio—as opposed to TV and print—is that producers and hosts are much less restrictive in selecting their interview subjects. The guest may promote a traditionally or self-published book (no e-books that aren’t available via print-on-demand), and it doesn’t have to be newly launched. All the show cares about is if the listener can benefit from the content.

It’s imperative when promoting your book at launch—or after—that you have a compelling pitch letter that conveys the benefits of your book to the reader. This goes for any nonfiction book (memoir, self-help, personal growth, health, history, etc.) as well as fiction, if you can make it topical. Continue reading

Internet Radio Creates a Compelling Avenue for Book Sales

mic1-223x300by Jackie Lapin, founder of Conscious Media Relations

With vast changes in book marketing, book publicity for self-help/personal growth books has shifted away from mainstream media. As mainstream media has retrenched due to budget constraints and shifting audience attention, Internet radio has stepped into the breach as an influential medium for reaching buyers. Coupled with broadcast radio, which still allots some time to authors in selected pockets, radio has zoomed forward as a way to drive books and digital offerings.

Publishers and authors are turning to Internet radio for promotion when: Continue reading

Author Promote Thyself

Kathleen Kaiser SPAWN Executive Director

Kathleen Kaiser
SPAWN Executive Director

by Kathleen Kaiser, SPAWN Executive Director

I started teaching Author Promote Thyself  workshops almost three years ago to help authors learn what book promotion is, what it requires of them, what services can be farmed out, and most important, to explain how much of the work lies in their laps, even with a legacy publisher for their book.

Things are changing as the world spins into digital madness. Book promotion is right there utilizing cutting-edge technologies—and some older ones, like websites—to develop audiences and sell books. Author Dan Brown just released his latest thriller, Inferno, with a live, video-streamed event from Lincoln Center to libraries and bookstores around the country. It’s his only “live” U.S. appearance to promote the book. He’s appearing on television shows, but there will be no book tour. Continue reading