Get an Attention-Grabbing Book Cover

367905265ec32f2a86e9af37da1867adby Daniela Frongia

First, I ask the publisher or author to send me the story and character descriptions, in order to have an idea how each illustration or book cover could be. If the author or publisher already has an idea about how each character should look, I start the character-design process, a sketch that contains the personality the book will have. I think this is the most important phase of the whole project.

After this phase, when all the main characters are ready and confirmed, I proceed with the sketches. There is a real exchange of ideas for each sketch, to make sure I am drawing what the author or publisher wants, always giving my ideas, suggestions and vision. Continue reading

Behind the Covers

pawtnersincrime by Bernadette Kazmarski

Patricia Fry is writing so fast that I illustrated and designed two covers at almost the same time— PAWtners in Crime and PAWSitiviely Sinister (soon to be published).

Patricia wanted to introduce KoKo on the cover of PAWtners, so we have Rags whispering in KoKo’s ear while he holds a money clip under his paw. They are on a farm so you see straw underfoot and a red barn in the background. For the Siamese cat model, who else would I choose but Cranberry? Her seal point elegant and bright blue eyes were purr-fect for the part. I heard she might appear in future books—I have plenty of photos of her and can take more. Continue reading

Color’s importance and where to get expert guidance

KathleenKaiserBy Kathleen Sexton Kaiser

If you are not aware of the Color Marketing Group, and you have anything to do with design and color decisions, you should at least have CMG as a highly qualified reference point. Founded in 1962, CMG is a not-for-profit, international association of color design professionals involved in the use of color as it applies to the profitable marketing of goods and services. CMG provides a forum for the exchange of non-competitive information relating to all phases of color marketing; color trends and combinations; design influences; merchandising and sales; and education and industry contacts. Continue reading

The Art of Book Cover Design

TamaraDeverQ & A with book designer Tamara Dever of TLC Graphics
about the art of book covers

Book covers are the first impression most potential readers see when browsing the racks at the local bookstore. Even online shoppers see the cover. So, have designers changed how they create a cover when 40% of books are bought with thumbnail images? We asked SPAWN board member and graphic artist Tamara Dever her thoughts about the evolution of book cover design in the digital age. Interviewer: Kate Sexton Kaiser Continue reading