Love Yourself, Love Your Wealth, Top-Ten Magic Manifesting Tips

TeresaMaronby Teresa Maron

Have you ever thought about what true abundance feels like? Most of us have felt that delicious feeling of complete comfort and joy, but what does it take to sustain that feeling? Is loving yourself the path to true abundance and wealth?

How many times have you put yourself last, doing the right thing for others first? Have you felt guilty for a simple pleasure? Is this habit the most self-defeating habit you possess? Actually, most people—men and women—are in complete denial about how many times they put themselves last until it’s pointed out. Let’s shift perception to this: Continue reading

Around the World and Back Again

C. Hope Clarkby C. Hope Clark

Most readers think I began writing nonfiction, and then branched into fiction. I have no idea which I wrote first, but it doesn’t matter. A real writer can write either one. . . and should.

FundsforWriters was founded 15 years ago, when I could not sell my fiction. Nonfiction, fiction, didn’t matter to me. I just wanted to be a paid writer. Continue reading

Ethics and Legal Concerns – Both Matter

“Ignorance of the law excuses no man.” -John Selden [1584-1654]

Plagiarism, copyright infringement, and defamation of character, which includes libel and slander, have no place in a book¾or anywhere else for that matter. That isn’t a moral judgment; it’s just plain common sense. We are judged by what we say and what we do. And it may not matter whether we intentionally and knowingly violated a person’s rights, stole his words, or damaged her reputation. We can lose our credibility, at the least. And at the worst, we can be sued. Continue reading

To Get Published You Need to Do Your Homework

by Susan C. Daffron

Writing is a product. A basic marketing truism is that you can’t sell a product if no one wants to buy it. Whether or not your writing is wonderful doesn’t matter if you are writing about a subject no one wants to publish. The moral of the story? Never create your writing in a vacuum.

It’s extremely easy to find out what topics are in demand by doing a little Internet surfing. In fact, the Internet is actually the best place to research hot topics. It’s far better than the library, chain bookstores, print media, or television. Today’s publishing trends will appear online first, long before they hit the bookstores. Continue reading

How To Evaluate Writing Contests: Six Starter Questions

By Erika Dreifus

At some point in your writing career you will probably encounter the possibility of entering writing contests. As you peruse writing newsletters and magazines, you’ll almost inevitably find listings of competitions. You may very well begin to wonder how to decide whether a given contest is “right” for you and your poetry or prose. Here are six “starter” questions you can ask yourself to initiate that process of evaluation: Continue reading

Need More Money? Transform Your Book Into Other Products

by Susan C. Daffron

If you self-publish, you don’t have any limitations regarding how you can reuse your content. The possibilities are endless. Instead of going through the effort of writing another book, consider recycling or repackaging your book content in different ways.

People learn in different ways, and by repackaging, you can create multiple products that meet their needs with minimal effort. For example, from one print book, you could easily create these eleven different products. Continue reading