Catalog of Member Books

SPAWN members are writing, editing, illustrating, and publishing an astounding array of high quality books.

catalogcover2015To read the latest full printed SPAWN catalog of Member Books online, download the catalog (file size: 6MB) in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

If you have a relatively new browser, you will see the catalog shortly after you click on it. If you do not yet have the Acrobat Reader, you can download that program free from the Adobe.

The type of browser you use determines whether the PDF file is simply downloaded for later reading or Acrobat starts and displays the file. If Acrobat displays the file, use the File menu Print option to print the catalog.

“Today I received a copy of the new SPAWN catalog. It is beautifully done. The graphic design is striking, with information on selected members and services and the benefits of SPAWN membership. Well done, Brava, Brava!”  ~  Susan Alcott Jardine, author and SPAWN member

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