Busy Barbara (Bobbi) Florio Graham


This winter Barbara (Bobbi) Florio Graham was asked to help the SCRIBE webmaster refine information on their website. She’s been a columnist for their newsletter for many years and he knew what expertise she had to offer. As a result, she was asked to write an article about how nonprofit organizations can ensure they comply with IRS and Revenue Canada for the American Federation of Mineralogy Societies. It’s in their May newsletter.

Bobbi also worked on two book contracts in April.

One client was approached by a major trade publisher in New York, and wondered if she needed an agent to negotiate the contract for her nonfiction book. She hired Bobbi. The publisher accepted most of the modifications Bobbi suggested, using the arguments she put forward, raised the advance, and included escalating clauses for royalties.

The other client had a children’s book and came to Bobbi after being rejected by several publishers. She, too, wanted to know if she needed to hire an agent, and Bobbi suggested a few more publishers and wrote up the contract she needed with the illustrator she had selected. She then returned to Bobbi when a major publisher in the U.K. responded to her query, and sent their contract. Again, they accepted most of the modifications Bobbi suggested, and told her they will use the book to launch their new children’s imprint!


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