Barbara (Bobbi) Florio-Graham Honored


BobbiGrahamTerzo200Barbara (Bobbi) Florio-Graham is a professional author and writer with many public awards to her credit. Yet, as a S.C.R.I.B.E. member, she has taken time from a busy schedule to write articles for the newsletter and contribute to our Yahoo discussion group. Barbara has consistently written an article for every issue of the Scribe Newsletter since the Fall 2001 issue. Count them, 2002-2014. That’s 13 years @ 4 issues per year, plus the Fall 2001 = 53 articles! She has begun her 14th year of writing articles and providing expert advice. We, the undersigned, feel she is worthy of recognition and wish to recommend that a Life Membership in S.C.R.I.B.E. be awarded to Barbara Graham for her continued and dedicated participation in writing articles for the SCRIBE Newsletter.

“Submitted by: Trudy Martin, Canadian Regional Vice President; Dan Iml, SCRIBE Newsletter Editor; Betty Cain, Treasurer & Rocky Mountain Regional Vice President.”

Bobbi was invited to present a mini-version of her popular creativity workshop to the National Capital Region of Canadian Authors’ Association on November 10. Bobbi contributed an article on this subject for the CAA newsletter, the Byline. Read it at:


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