A Good Index Turns a Book into a Library


indexing1By Matt Weilert

A well-constructed index is what transforms a book into an entire library, a gateway to learning. Those who think they are “published” when they have but jotted some words on paper and found a vendor to print them, do both themselves and their audience a grave disservice.

Kathleen, SPAWN Executive Director, invited me to write this whitepaper on indexing and I was eager to accept, having spent hour after hour wrangling with MS-Word to get it to produce a halfway decent index. While this is not the final word on the subject (pun intended), the points here should help you complete your book index much more smoothly.

We’ll cover these topics:


Download Sample Excel File

Because my career is all about delivering cross-disciplinary insights, we will follow the path blazed by Aaron Copeland in his classic Fanfare for the Common Man in our journey to a well-constructed index.


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