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SPAWNews, October, 2003

Wendy Dager, Editor

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- Q&A









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I’d been fantasizing about a bidding war from the moment I found an agent to represent my comic mystery novel "I Murdered the PTA." It played out in my head: No less than three publishers duking it out over my work, which would—of course—end up on the bestseller list and eventually be made into a major motion picture. Since none of that has occurred—yet—I decided to drum up business of a less fantastic nature. My kids’ clothing and orthodontia needs haven’t gone away, and our health insurance costs keep increasing by the millisecond, so it was out of necessity that I search for more corporate clients for my newsletter business. I’ve been a working freelance writer for 15 years, but face-to-face networking is no small endeavor for me. I’ve grown attached to my quasi-cranky, writer-artiste, lone wolf persona, meeting those deadlines strictly via the anonymity of e-mail. I reluctantly said goodbye to my blissful aloneness. Time to check the back of my closet for conservative attire and maybe do something different with my punk hairstyle. I had another, more professional, and—yikes—public image to project.

I also ordered business cards with name, address, phone, fax, e-mail and the very simple heading "Corporate Newsletters." When I went to pick up the business cards, I was a little surprised to see that the printer had accidentally made the first letter of my last name lower case. I brought the mistake to her attention and she said she’d make up new cards. Then she asked if I wanted to take a few of the misprinted cards in the meantime. I felt like shrieking, "WHAT?" Instead I calmly said, "No thanks, I’ll wait for the new ones."

There is more to image than worrying about whether one’s black-with-atomic red stripes hairdo is too extreme for the outside world. It also has to do with our words—how we speak them and how we write them. True, we can’t be perfect in every aspect of communication. In fact, I’ve received a few e-mails from readers (of my biweekly newspaper column) who don’t like my conversational style. But I try my hardest to make sure I use correct grammar and spelling in my work as well as in my correspondence with others. It drives me nuts when I get e-mails from fellow writers who are too lazy to use punctuation or upper case letters. I’m not referring to occasional typos or friendly slang, but consistent misuse of the English language. By not accepting a stack of misprinted business cards, I affirmed my belief that when marketing your skills as a writer, editor, publisher, graphic designer or artist, it DOES matter how you present yourself. And my hair? Well, that particular change isn’t in the cards… just yet.

Wendy Dager is editor of SPAWNews.

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The Market Update is an additional benefit provided for SPAWN members. Each month we publish 8-15 pages of information and resources for writers and publishers. Here's something you can use to help promote membership through the Market Update.

This month, we've included four interviews in the 15-page Market Update—a book publisher eager for submissions, the Executive Director of SPAWN and two relatively new SPAWN members. Here's an excerpt from our interview with SPAWN member and Austin Chapter Leader, Tami Dever.

"SPAWN has been a great way to meet other publishing professionals, both locally and virtually. The day the national chapter offered local chapters to those who were interested, I instantly offered to head up the Austin chapter. I love sharing knowledge with others in the publishing field. The members are grateful to have a group like this and it's very satisfying to be able to offer camaraderie as well as information through meetings and guest speakers. We're still a small group, but have big dreams. The leaders of the national group—especially Virginia, Patricia, and Mary—are fantastic resources and are so supportive as I develop the Austin chapter

The best advice I can offer new SPAWN members is to use the resources offered by the organization. Join the discussion group. Start a local chapter if there's not one in your area. It's a lot of return for a little effort—we've even gained new clients from the local meetings."

Patricia Fry has also interviewed Meg Weaver of Wooden Horse Publishing for this issue. Weaver operates the largest and most comprehensive magazine database on the Web for writers, publicists and researchers.

Join SPAWN for access to this generous issue of SPAWN Market Update and all 20 back issues. All back issues of the Market Update are available in the Member's Only area of the SPAWN Web site,


By Patricia Fry

Patricia Fry: You are Executive Director of SPAWN and you also operate at least one full-time business. Would you tell us about your business(es)?

Virginia Lawrence: My main business, CogniText, is helping people to publish both online and in print. My focus is on the clear presentation of information, both online and in print. We build Web sites to inform the visitor and/or to sell something to the visitor. We create easy to follow navigation, along with marketing copy, and readable descriptions of products and services. We have found that many companies desperately need our services, because their initial marketing materials were written by someone who is too familiar with the product/services. Particularly in the high-tech arena, the engineer whodevelops the product is not capable of writing about the product in a way that the average potential buyers can understand. After building the sites, we market them online so that the search engines will send visitors. We added this service to protect our clients from the unscrupulous "marketers" who sell worthless services. We find that a well-marketed site validates our good design and definitely pleases the client.

Read the entire interview online.

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Austin's September meeting had low attendance, but a great presentation. Andy Morales of Phenix & Phenix literary publicists provided priceless information about gaining media publicity, especially in radio. He reminded authors that they need to be able to promote themselves in 30-second sound bytes. This takes practice! Each author also needs to promote that which is unique about their product, themselves, and their target audience. He also talked about how to give a good radio interview. Many thanks to Andy and we hope to have him back in the spring. October's meeting will be a brainstorming session, exploring ways to expand Austin's SPAWN membership. We'll also discuss the upcoming Texas Book Festival and how best to display products at the SPAWN-Austin table there. Happy Fall to all! –Tamara Dever

For more information about the Austin Chapter, e-mail Tamara Dever,


SPAWN Baltimore meets the last Wednesday of each month at Barnes and Noble Towson, Maryland. Weekend meetings have been suspended. For more information about Baltimore Chapter meetings, e-mail Ramona Davis,


If you're interested in starting a SPAWN Chapter in your area, find out more at, then contact Patricia Fry at Please remember that you must be a paid SPAWN member prior to becoming a SPAWN chapter leader.

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SPAWN Executive Director and Webmaster, Virginia Lawrence, Answers Your Questions 

Hello SPAWN, 

I joined SPAWN for the valuable information you provide—and it really is helping. 

On this lovely, rainy East-Coast day, I was reviewing the member benefits section—particularly the portion about a free author's web page. You mentioned inexpensive shareware for web page development. More importantly, you warned members about the poor results obtained from Microsoft Front Page. The timing of this advice couldn't be better. I was about to purchase a copy of Front Page. With 20 years of corporate Information Technology experience under my belt, I've never used shareware. My employers purchased corporate licenses and created very standardized desktops. The biggest shareware problem was its potential conflict with other desktop programs—particularly fonts and print drivers. First, I'm interested to know how much Web development you've done with the shareware product, please. Can it handle more than the basics of a one-page Web site? Do your SPAWN members use it for their own commercial sites, where they sell copies of their books? Also, it would be helpful if you could provide an example of the kind of problems encountered with the Front Page (designed) Web page. 

Thank you very much for your kind assistance. 


Hello Barbara

If you are considering using FrontPage for your SPAWN Member Web page, you don't need FrontPage for that. In the Member Area of the SPAWN site you can start and build your Web page with the software right there. That is the way that free Web pages are done; they are built with the software on the site offering the free pages. 

If you are planning a more extensive site in a different location, then you may want to try/buy software. I understand your situation. Corporate America has not yet discovered that users can try shareware for free, then buy it if they wish. (Actually, larger software companies are now offering 15 or 30 day trials before purchase. This is still in the spirit of shareware.) 

What's wrong with FrontPage?

Well, I admit that I'm prejudiced, but... 

  1. FrontPage builds pages only for Internet Explorer, pretty much ignoring Netscape and other browsers. But we don't want to ignore any part of our target market. (The traffic reports from SPAWN and from my client sites tell me that about 46% of our target market is still using Netscape 4.x.)


  2. FrontPage adds an unconscionable number of unnecessary tags, making the average page 4-8 times "heavier" than it need be. That is, FrontPage adds unnecessary tags and text, making the size of the file larger. Unfortunately, the larger the html file, the longer it takes to load. The longer a page takes to load, the more likely the visitor is to leave, especially the dialup visitor. 

    FrontPage is literally contributing to the slowing of the Internet, because that software makes every page so unnecessarily huge.


  3. FrontPage makes it very simple to add advanced coding to a page. Now that sounds good, but when the coding is very advanced, it may be readable only by Internet Explorer 6 and up. That leaves the site either unreadable or appearing ugly to everyone using a browser earlier than IE 6 or from a different company. 

What do I use?

As a professional Web Developer, I use NoteTab Pro, a shareware program. I've been using it for about four years. I built the SPAWN site using NoteTab Pro, and I build large corporate sites and shopping cart sites for my clients using that software.  

I am dedicated to clean, spare pages with few unnecessary tags. For example, with NoteTab, I can build a little page displaying one graphic with two sentences, and my html page will have about 20 lines. The same page done in Front Page will have at least 150 lines. 

You can try NoteTab Light and use it for free forever. Or you can spend $19.95 for the Pro version. 

NoteTab Pro is really for the person who is willing to learn the html. If you don't want to learn html, and you prefer to use a well-known WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) product, you should try Dreamweaver from Macromedia.  

Source for Shareware

If you are ready to try a shareware WYSIWYG product, you might try SiteSpinner.

I have not tried that product, but it has a rating of five cows at Yes, that sounds very silly. Tucows was started by a youngster, but it is now an extremely popular shareware site, and the ratings are pretty dependable. You can download software for free and test it for a certain length of time. After the trial period is up, you can purchase or not. Any time I need software for a particular task, I search on Tucows. I always find something to suit my needs, and the prices are wonderfully reasonable. 

SiteSpinner costs only $49.95 after your trial period.

Since I have not tested it, I don't know how much unnecessary tagging is done by SiteSpinner. I find it hard to imagine that its tagging could even approach that of FrontPage. Does that answer your questions? Do check out Tucows. It's a lot of fun testing out little software programs to solve your problems. 

Enjoy yourself! 



* * * * *


SPAWN founder, Mary Embree, is teaching a writing class for middle school students through Focus on the Masters Creative Center in Ventura, California, this winter. SPAWN has provided a scholarship for one child who couldn't otherwise attend.

SPAWN is also partnering with Ojai Valley Youth Foundation in Ojai, CA to present a 6 to 8-week writing program for middle school students there. This pilot program will be free to girls and boys between the ages of 11 and 14 and will include students from Matilija Junior High School, the many private schools in the area and home schooled children. We've already received some funding for this program. We plan to use the donations to publish the final stories and poems in a book so that the kids can experience the process of self-publishing their work. This program is scheduled to run in the spring of 2004. Contact Patricia Fry at if you're interested in participating.

* * * * *


Twenty-five members participated in the two SPAWN booths at the Santa Barbara Book Festival September 20, with a total of 31 titles. SPAWN definitely made an impression on the publishing and the book-loving community that day. Seven of us came out to sell our own books and three other members were on hand to help promote the members' display books and share information about SPAWN. We all worked hard. We handed out hundreds of promotional pieces for members’ books (including the new SPAWN Catalog of Member Books). There was enormous interest in SPAWN and our array of wonderful books. In fact, we signed up 3 new members on the spot. AND we sold a total of 50 books! While a couple of members gained only exposure for their books, most sold as many as 8-10 copies. I've participated in dozens of book festivals and this was definitely one of the most successful and enjoyable that I recall. I attribute that success to member participation. When members take advantage of opportunities such as this, it becomes a positive experience for everyone involved and for SPAWN.

Check out the brief photo slideshow from the SBBF at

* * * * *


New SPAWN member Margaret Turley is General Secretary for ANWA, American Night Writer's Association, a unique network for LDS women writers. She invites everyone to attend ANWA’s writer's conference. (Seating is limited.) For more information:

Barbara Florio Graham has just added three bonus offers to her Web site. See for savings on book orders, each of which saves the purchaser $5 and also includes a special bonus. For example, if you order both Five Fast Steps to Better Writing and Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity, you receive a bonus checklist, "Quick Tips for Stronger Sentences." And, if you order the Canadian Libraries Database with a copy of Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity, the bonus is a Canadian national media list. Contact Barbara at

Patricia Fry's revised print edition of The Successful Writer's Handbook ($15.95) is now available for sale. This 192-page paperback offers practical tools, creative ideas, useful techniques and scads of valuable resources for authors and publishers. Includes everything from how to find writing work to a timeline for self-publishing. Available only through at this time. In addition, Fry’s Young Writer's Handbook--the test version--is ready for distribution. Patricia Fry has completed the 80-page version of this book to test market at the Santa Barbara Book Festival September 20. Any child or teen who buys this book for $10 (plus shipping) and who responds to the questionnaire in the back of the book before December 1, 2003, will receive a free copy of the revised/expanded edition. This book includes mini workshops for kids and it features over 100 resources specifically for young writers. Learn more about Young Writer's Handbook by visiting

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By Virginia Lawrence

If you are serious about search engine marketing for your Web site, you must attend one of the Search Engine Strategies conferences. These conferences are held several times per year. Upcoming conferences will be held in Munich, Boston, Chicago, London, and Toronto.

The August 2003 conference in San Jose offered the usual banquet of presentations by experts in the field of search engine marketing. Their presentations ranged from introductory talks for those just starting in Web marketing to high-level discussions among highly experienced Web marketers. It’s a great place to jump into the deep end of Web marketing and quickly learn to swim with the pros. So what’s the word?

Read the entire article online.

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  • Where can you find out whether a poetry contest is a scam?
  • Which publisher is seeking someone who can write a children’s book or a series of children’s books?
  • Which publisher is accepting submissions of personal growth books?

And there’s more…

  • Visit the site offering 46 writing job listings.
  • Read why a new SPAWN member who is a freelance writer joined SPAWN.
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Note: SPAWNews advises "caveat emptor" when dealing with venues, contests or promotions unknown to you.

Book Talk Radio on WXXA-AM 790 in Louisville, KY is seeking authors. Interested authors should email Steve Hudson at and submit book synopsis, author bio and contact info.

The Reference Shelf is a way to showcase your titles before 65,000 librarians and library administrators. For more information:

Boox Review is seeking submissions and also accepting paid advertising. For more information: For the advertising info page:

Writer Online has developed an innovative support program for published authors, called WOLves. This support program serves as an exciting and viable alternative to classes and workshops that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and stop helping the writer when they end. The support program, on the other hand, is ongoing. It begins after the information has been absorbed by the student. WOLves: WOLves Media Room:

There will be book exhibits held in Pennsylvania, Illinois, MO, MA, NY and CA through December. For more information on the Combined Book Exhibit:

Members of the Sacramento Publishers and Authors are planning to reserve a booth at the ALA Convention in Seattle on February 24-28, 2004, to display their books. They are seeking other authors who wish to have their books displayed to keep the costs down. They ask that any SPAWN members who are interested please contact Ernie Spencer at

Bookman Publishing has developed an exclusive list of over 500 independent filmmakers. For $199, they will write an AP style press release for your book, and send it by email directly to this brand new list. Bookman Publishing has also been offered a unique opportunity by a network of AM and FM radio stations to produce and broadcast a series of one hour talk shows with authors. Two authors will be interviewed in each weekly,one-hour broadcast, guaranteeing 24 minutes of actual air time per author.For more information: Brien Jones,,, phone (800) 342-6068, fax (765) 342-7217.

* * * * *


Eraserhead Press is having its first annual contest for new authors who have not had a novel or short story collection published or accepted for publication. It's open to all genres. The award is publication. Entry fee $20. Deadline, November 30, 2003. For more information: Eraserhead Press, or 6105 NE 19 Ave., Portland, OR  97211

Fade In Magazine announces its 2003 Fade In Awards, with over $10,000 in prizes for winning scripts. There are six categories, including comedy, action/adventure, thriller, drama, film noir and family. Submission deadline is October 31, 2003. For a contest application:

Scriptapalooza TV is currently accepting submissions and the deadline is November 17, 2003. There are three winners in each category. The three categories include existing 1 hour spec scripts, existing half hour spec scripts and pilots. For entry rules and an application, or email

Publishers Marketing Association announces The 16th Annual Benjamin Franklin Awards Competition for excellence in publishing during 2003; submission deadline is December 31, 2003 for titles published July 1-December 31, 2003. For more information:

The MonkeyHawk Playwrights’ Competition is now accepting submissions for 10-minute, One Act, and Full Length scripts. Top Entry wins over $1000 in cash and prizes, plus professional production during the Spring 2004 MonkeyHawk Playwrights’ Festival in Hollywood. For more details:

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Please note: Although SPAWNews does its best to filter announcements and press releases for various events, seminars, and classes, we cannot guarantee a successful experience for all who attend.

Authors for Charity, a group of independent writers, has declared October 2003 "National Authors for Charity Month."  Throughout the month they will be sponsoring book-signing events in cities across the U.S. All participating authors will be donating a portion of their royalties to local charities. For more information: or contact Shirley Dicks,

The third annual Amelia Book Island Festival, dedicated to literacy, love and celebration of the written word and the community of writers and readers, is October 2-5, 2003. It features more than 30 authors of novels, mysteries, histories, westerns, suspense thrillers, poetry and books for young readers. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the authors and participate in workshops with authors, agents, editors, publishers and publicists. The festival features several events including Rock-N-Roll Readings, 25 author-led workshops and discussions, Lunch-with-Authors,Dine-with-Authors and Authors-in-Schools of Nassau County. The $15 festival ticket provides admission to all workshops and readings. The Lunch-with-Authors event is also $15. Luncheon seating is limited. Tickets are available now at BooksPlus, First Coast Community Bank, the Amelia Island-Fernandina Beach-Yulee Chamber of Commerce offices and by mail. For more information, visit or call the Book Island Festival, 904-491-8176, or e-mail

The Playwrights Expo 2003 is nearly here. The ultimate afternoon of theatre networking happens on Saturday, October 4 from 1-5 PM in the spectacular Atrium of University Hall at Loyola Marymount University. Sponsored by the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, the Expo brings together playwrights (including lyricists, librettists and composers) with representatives of more than 100 theatre companies and playwrights groups from all over Southern California. Expo admission for the general public is $5, and if you're a full-time student (with ID), it's $3, and free to ALAP members and LMU students and faculty. No reservations necessary. For more information, visit the ALAP website (where you can see a list of the participating groups) at or call the ALAP Hotline at 323-957-4752.

The 10th Annual Austin Film Festival is October 9-12. For details on badges, teachers, hotel discounts, and full list of confirmed panelists, or any questions, go to or call 1-800-310-3378.

Bouchercon 2003 will be held in Las Vegas at the Riviera Hotel October 16-19. It’s always billed as a "mystery fan convention" and it is certainly that. But there are mystery author panels all day every day, and we can learn a lot about writing mysteries when we listen to all these authors. Bouchercon costs $175, and the special room rate at the Riviera will be $119.

David S. Freeman’s "Beyond Structure" workshop take place in New York on Oct. 11-12 and Los Angeles on Oct. 25-26. For a free brochure, call toll-free from outside California: (866) 239-2600, and inside CA: (310) 394-6556. And check out the website at:

The Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN) is the second largest nonprofit trade association for small publishers in the world. SPAN announces BookPublish 2003. It's their 7th annual College and Trade Show which is designed to provide attendees a year's worth of marketing, promotional and operational concepts in three days. It's at the Torrance Marriott Hotel in Torrance Oct. 24-26. Twenty-two authors and independent publishing experts will speak at BookPublish 2003.  Publishing industry suppliers will serve on informative panels and also answer individual attendees’ questions at the Trade Show exhibit. Extraordinary networking opportunities exist at the focused discussion luncheon roundtables. For more details, or call SPAN at 719-395-4790 or email

On the weekend of October 25, streetcars, booze, food, music, authors, poets, publishers, art book makers, zinesters, booksellers, activists and culture jammers are coming together for a weekend celebration in the heart of old New Orleans. Tables are only $7.00. Participating publishers include City Lights, Soft Skull, AK Press, Last Gasp and Verso. Over 70 publishers are making the trip this year. For more information:

The Maui Writers Conference sets sail on an adventure that is unparalleled in the book world. Cruise into history with New York Times best-selling authors Janet Evanovich, John Saul, Dorothy Allison, Elizabeth George, Terry Brooks, Susan Wiggs and Gail Tsukiyama who will set sail aboard the MS Rotterdam for the 1st Annual MWC PANAMA CANAL CRUISE for BOOK LOVERS and WRITERS, March 3-13, 2004.

E-mail Georja Skinner, for more information.

The American Self-Publisher Association is the largest national organization devoted to self-published writers and is a not-for-profit association. Bobbie Christensen, Director of the ASPA, will present the day-long conference Writing, Publishing & Marketing Your 1st Book (or 7th) for all authors and potential authors, fiction or non-fiction, for the following organizations.

October 4th 10:00am-5pm $34 Atlanta, GA, Knowledge Shop 678-766-6666

October 11th 10:00am-5pm $22 San Antonio, TX, NE Cmty. Education 210-657-8866

October 12th 10:00am-5pm $20 Austin, TX, University of Texas 512-232-5277

October 18th 10:00am-5pm $29 El Paso, TX, University of Texas 915-747-5142

October 25th 10:00am-5pm $29 Phoenix, AZ, Glendale Community College 623-845-3805

October 26th 10:00am-5pm $39* Las Vegas, NV, University of Nevada 702-895-3394

November 1st 10:00am-5pm $29 Pasadena, CA, Pasadena Community College 626-585-7601

November 9th 10:00am-5pm $35 Fresno, CA, Fresno Community College 559-457-6015

November 15th 10:00am-5pm $29 Seattle, WA, Discover U 206-365-0400

November 22nd 10:00am-5pm $25 Chico, CA, Butte Cmty. College 530-895-2289

January 31st 10:00am-5pm $29 Portland, OR, Portland Cmty. College 503-977-4933

For more information: 916-422-8435 or email

Publishers Association  of the West plans a national publishing conference and book industry trade show November 1-3, 2003. It will be held at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center. For more info or an enrollment form contact

* * * * *


Electronic Scrip Incorporated (ESI) is a California-based corporation dedicated to establishing relationships between commerce and community. Since 1999, over $40 million has been distributed to schools and groups. eScrip is a fantastic resource for fundraising where participating business partners contribute a percentage of your grocery loyalty cards, credit card, and debit/ ATM card purchases to up to three schools, groups or organizations of your choice. You register any one or all of your existing grocery loyalty, debit and credit card for use in the program. Participating merchants will make contributions to your chosen group, based on purchases made by you, just by using the cards you have registered. You can go to, click on the orange Sign Up button, type in SPAWN, then register your grocery cards and/or credit cards. SPAWN, a 501(c)3 organization, gets a little over 2% in donations from all purchases from participating merchants. If you already have an eScrip account, please remember that you can list up to three groups. Thank you for supporting SPAWN.

* * * * *

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October, 2003

SPAWN is a nonprofit corporation. Donations are tax deductible.

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To promote the literary arts and provide education, information, resources and a supportive networking environment for artists, writers, and other creative people interested in the publishing process.

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Members and Nonmembers: Please send your press releases, seminar information, and books for review to Wendy Dager, Editor, SPAWNews, P.O. Box 2653, Ventura, CA 93002-2653 or email

SPAWN membership dues are $45 per year; spouses, half-price. Make your check payable to SPAWN and mail to P.O. Box 2653, Ventura, CA 93002-2653. Or click on Member Application to fill out the secure online form and pay your dues by credit card.

SPAWNews, Member Directory and Web site listings, and discounts for SPAWN events are included in membership.

SPAWN is a nonprofit corporation. Donations are tax deductible.

Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network

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