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SPAWNews, December, 1999

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Last Call!!!


Don’t forget to enter your poems in SPAWN’s Second Annual Poetry Contest. It is $5 per poem for members and $10 for nonmembers. The deadline is December 31.

· Win cash prizes! There are two categories: rhyming and non-rhyming poetry. First place prize in each category is $100; 2nd place $50 and 3rd place $25.

· Get published! All winners will be published. And even non-winning poems will be considered for our poetry anthology to be published in mid-2000 by SPAWN and Archer Books.

Winners will be notified by phone or mail by March 1, 2000.

The contest guidelines were in last month’s SPAWNews. If you don’t have that issue, you may send an SASE to SPAWN Poetry Contest II, P.O. Box 2653, Ventura, CA 93002 and we will send you the information.


As we were preparing the paperwork necessary to apply for our 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation designation, we realized that we needed a Vice President and a Treasurer for the corporation. The decision of who to appoint was instantly apparent. Mary Embree nominated them, Virginia Lawrence seconded, and the board approval was unanimous.

The choice for Vice President was a member who has been helping direct the organization since SPAWN was formed: Patricia Fry. And the Treasurer we chose for the Board of Directors was the person who is now serving SPAWN in that capacity and has been taking care of our money for the past year or more: Ruth Hibbard. Fortunately, when we asked them if they would agree to serve as officers on the Board of Directors, they both agreed.

Congratulations Patty and Ruth. And thank you!

We want to thank Eva Rosenberg & Associates who has helped with all the myriad details of filing for nonprofit status. Virginia Lawrence, Secretary of the Board of Directors, got in touch with Eva and has been working with her to get everything together.

The paperwork will be filed in December and we will keep all members informed as to its progress.


Patricia (Patty) Fry, President of the West Ventura Chapter of SPAWN and new Board Vice President, has a new book out. Entertaining Hawaiian Style: The How-To Book of Hawaiian Luaus is the new title for the third edition of this book which is now being published by Island Heritage Publishing in Hawaii. Patricia self-published this book under the title, The Mainland Luau, in 1996 and reprinted it in 1997.

Dan Poynter also has a new book out. It is Successful Nonfiction: Tips and Techniques for Getting Published. This is a book about writing for writers and it is in sound bites. Each page contains a writing tip, a pertinent illustration, an explanation, a relevant story and a quotation on the point from someone in history.

The book is available for $14.95 in most bookstores or by calling Para Publishing at 800-PARAPUB. For the 1999 holiday season only, Dan is offering the following quantity gift order specials: 20% off for an order of 5 ($11.96 each); 40% off for 10 or more ($8.97 each).


Nickelodeon Productions has created a fellowship program and they are looking for six writers to work full-time developing their craft at Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. They will be offering fellowships in live action and animated television, and feature film divisions with a $33,000 salary and a $3,000 stipend to cover the cost of medical benefits for a one-year period. The program is tentatively scheduled to begin June 2000. No previous writing experience is necessary.

For more information, go to You will see the Nickelodeon logo halfway down the page in the middle. Click on the logo for all the details and information on the Fellowship program and application procedures.

NOTE: Don’t look for a 3rd and 4th page of SPAWNews. This is all there is. Normal 4-page issues resume in January.

Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network

P.O. Box 2653

Ventura, CA 93002


Telephone & Fax: 805/643-2403

Mary Embree

Senior Editor


Hal Ranzenhofer

Managing Editor

Telephone: 805/984-3216


Virginia Lawrence

SPAWN Webmaster


Dallas Glenn

President, Santa Barbara County Chapter.


Carol Doering

President, Ventura County Chapter.


Patricia Fry

President, West Ventura County Chapter



Ruth Hibbard

Treasurer and Membership Chair


Advisory Council

Patricia Fry

Author, Publisher

Rosalie Heacock

Literary Agent

Andora Hodgin

Writer, Editor, Publicist

Irwin Zucker

Book Publicist

Jim Lane


Marcia Grad-Powers


Melvin Powers


Dan Poynter

Author, Publisher

Mary Embree

Author, Publishing Consultant

Board of Directors

Mary Embree

Author, Editor, Literary Consultant

Founder and President of SPAWN

Virginia Lawrence, PhD

Writer, Editor, Webmaster

Secretary of SPAWN

Patricia Fry

Author, Publisher

Vice President of SPAWN

Ruth Hibbard

Newsletter Writer, Designer

Treasurer of SPAWN


To provide education, information, resources and a supportive networking environment for artists, writers, and other creative people interested in the publishing process.




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