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Promote Your Book Through Your Blog

By Patricia Fry

A blog can be many things and serve many purposes. When you have a book to promote, it makes sense to turn your blog into a promotional tool. Whether your book is a historical novel, a how-to gardening book, a memoir or a book of poetry, let your blog entries spread the word and you will sell more books. Here are five ideas for using your blog to promote your book:

  1. Stay focused on your topic. As you add to your blog, make sure you provide the information your audience wants in a way that makes it palatable. Stay on track when adding to your blog so you are always addressing your target audience. Sure, you can write about something personal if you want, but try to tie it into your primary topic. I write about writing and publishing in my blog ( I might share something about a recent trip I took or a concept that caught my attention, but I always connect it to the subject of writing and/or publishing.

  2. Turn your blog entries into articles. Either submit them as is to appropriate sites and publications or tweak them to fit. Most of my blog entries are suitable for publishing, as I’m mindful to create stand-alone articles. Sometimes, however, a newsletter or magazine editor wants a longer piece or a more condensed version. Not a problem--I just rewrite the blog to fit their submission requirements.

  3. Create handouts. Use specific blog entries as handouts when you promote your book through presentations, workshops or book festivals. This is particularly useful if you have a nonfiction book. If yours is a local history book and your blog follows suit, your audiences would enjoy receiving those blog entries containing historical information that doesn’t appear in the book.

  4. Compile a booklet of blog entries. You could produce a booklet every six months or once a year and offer them free to anyone who purchases your book. Maybe you’ve written a novel featuring Americans who’ve chosen to live in the Middle East. Your blog, then, might follow some of the innovative things happening in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Oman and Bahrain, for example. Report on positive accounts of the people, some of the amazing historical and newer architectural sites and interesting tidbits about the culture.

  5. Write a book based on your best blog subjects. Review your blog entries. If you’re like me, you may occasionally hit upon a topic that would make a good book. With thought and research, your blog on the feral cat you rescued over the summer might become a book featuring how to successfully raise a feral cat. Your blog entry on how you created curb appeal that sold your home could become an entire book for others who want to make an excellent impression when selling their homes.

You started blogging because you heard that blogs sell books. Use these five tips and you’ll reach even more people and sell even more books.

–Patricia Fry is a full-time freelance writer and the author of 25 books. Read her latest book, The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book, Visit her writing/publishing blog often at



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